Sunday, 28 June 2015

thunderstorms and energy

summers in the prairies always bring with them the intense power of thunder and lightning. the past week and a bit has been filled with fierce thunderstorms, which start and quickly explode and nearly as quickly move on. it's magical.

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my days these past few weeks have been long. i get up early, do some knitting, go to work, then either come home and knit until after midnight or to rehearsal, then home to knit until after midnight. i'm still sleeping more hours than i have in similar situations in the past, but the days are definitely long.

it's all for such exciting projects that i can't be upset about it, though! we're down to less than three weeks before fringe opens, which means ramping up rehearsals. i also have another pop-up trunk show the day after we open, then i head to vancouver shortly after that for a working vacation. 

and all the rest of my time is devoted to knitting. i'm trying to finish off two more designs for when nature fought back along with a secret knit before the end of the month (three days…i don't know that it'll happen, but as close to the 1st as possible would be ideal). then july has seven projects (one mini-collection and four pieces for the photo shoot in september), and august has five projects for the photo shoot. somewhere in there, the patterns will actually be published too. actually, i have a lot of paperwork to do in the next little while. and my website is in a sad and sorry state. sigh.

i've been hanging out with/picking the brains of several other (very talented and wonderful) creatives in my life recently, and we all seem to be in the same boat. fourteen balls up in the air at once, long and short term projects constantly on the go, and a million plans just sitting in the wings for their chance to fly. it's important to be making work, but more than that, i think we just can't imagine not making work. moments of inertia are terrifying, regardless of their length. there is a difference between breathing space and stagnation, and when you feel things start to slip to the latter, it's intimidating and not in a fun way. so we do the opposite - we run full bore into as many projects as possible in an attempt to avoid that in-between space of "what next?". maybe it's not the healthiest, but personally, i can't imagine any other way of living. 

so my postings in the coming weeks will probably continue to be infrequent, and eventually i will be able to share with you all the many exciting results of my endeavours. in the meantime, you can follow me on instagram for more current updates. 

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