Sunday, 21 June 2015

summer solstice & dye dates

happy summer solstice, lovers!

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today is also national aboriginal day and father's day here in canada, so it's a day of many wonderful things. i spent it in kelly ruth's backyard, where we nerded out all day about natural dyes and craft and the industry of handmade and all the many projects we want to do ourselves and together. we had an indigo dyeing date, because i have another trunk show to get ready for, and kelly only has a few weeks left before she launches her naturally dyed clothing line at the winnipeg folk fest!

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i'll have more gradient cakes at this summer trunk show (at tara davis studio boutique once again!), this time dyed with combinations of indigo, cochineal, logwood, dandelions from my neighbourhood, avocados from my compost, mulberries, black walnut hulls, and hopefully more onion skins.

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i have more shows scheduled for the fall/winter, but this will be the last show until after school starts back up again (for those of you on a school schedule). my other focuses include the fringe festival (i'm stage managing this show), my trip to vancouver next month, and finishing off the when nature fought back collection for a september photo shoot with some truly lovely people. oh, and throw in the publication of a mini baby collection in there. no rest for the wicked, as they say!

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tomorrow, i'm having a belated father's day supper with my parents, so that will be lovely. rumour has it that my beloved ukulele Ășlfur has finally made it back to winnipeg. not that i have time to play it any time soon, but it's comforting to know it's within arms' reach.

i hope you spent the solstice in the company of good friends and sunny/starry skies!

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