Tuesday, 9 June 2015


the last week or so has been a strange one. my back was a mess last week, which luckily/unluckily coincided with a couple of lieu days from work. i got a large amount of knitting done during that time, including finishing a second faultline, a couple of swatches, and starting on an accompanying faultline hat which is also now done. then i worked two 14-hour days in a row over saturday and sunday, which included hitting a wall of exhaustion at 6:30pm on sunday night (with another almost 4 hours left to go), and then yesterday and today were taken in lieu again. definitely not my normal schedule, but it's been more productive than usual as well.

yesterday, i went for groceries and found that mangos were on sale, so of course that meant it was time for mango chutney! i think i've made a batch for three out of the past four years at this point. i love it, and so does a dear one who i always get a jar to somehow. i got home and was in a very strange still-exhausted state, and couldn't really face my knitting, so i pulled out my spinning wheel. i ended up in a spinning wormhole and spun two sets of singles before plying them together over about eight hours (i'm a slow spinner still). it's 165 yards of natural corriedale and commercially dyed merino top, and i think it will become a costae whenever i get around to knitting with it.

today was chutney-making day! i have 2 litres of chutney now, with a little bit extra pulled into a tiny bowl and destined to be eaten soon. maybe with grilled chicken and beet salad. i'm back to knitting after cleaning up. it's been a productive couple of days off, albeit not in the normal capitalist way i usually gauge my productivity (i.e. was i dyeing yarn to sell? was i knitting a new pattern sample? was i working on my business in some way?). my friend posted an article about how we assess productivity in our society (within the context of crip theory), and i think it's a really wonderful gentle reminder to everyone that "productive" does not need to equal "monetary value (now or later)".

i got some very, very, very exciting news last week, but will have to keep things under wraps for a while. i can't wait to share it with you all! something i will share with you right now is my discovery/obsession with unité 9, from radio-canada. the first two seasons are on netflix. it's the quebecois version of wentworth, which is the much grittier australian version of orange is the new black. i'm far too involved in all three shows (to the point that i swear at my computer screen throughout episodes), but i think unité 9 is my favourite of the three. i guess this post is a bit more casual/less business-y than usual, but that's the point of a blog, isn't it? speaking of which, my little brother is writing again. you can check out his blog here. he's much more disciplined than i am and is aiming to post every day. 

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