Friday, 19 June 2015

drool-worthy #17 - colour wheel knits

hi folks! i'm not the greatest lately with posting regularly, and it's been ages since the last drool-worthy post, but things are exciting and busy and i won't apologize for it! my hands are purple from logwood dyeing, kelly and i have an indigo date on sunday, i've just planned out the next three months of projects to finish off when nature fought back (plus a secret design and a mini baby collection), i received the BEST snail mail from julie asselin, and cooperative press published veera valimaki's lankaleikki in english. i have been coveting colour wheel knits for multiple years now, so the fact that it's available in english as well as finnish is basically the best news ever. 

this is the book i dream of publishing myself some day - gorgeous photos, detailed patterns, bits and pieces of stories amongst the designs, and over 150 very drool-worthy pages. i only bought the pdf version, but based on the whole look of the book, i'd be willing to bet that the physical copy is a luscious weight on creamy paper (book porn at its finest, am i right?). 

these days, i tend to use other designers' patterns more as guides for my own to cross-reference measurements, compare styles of layout, photos i find attractive versus ones that don't quite hit the mark for me...but i desperately wish i could find time to knit so many of the patterns in this book. the details are stunning, the use of buttons is fun and clever and modern and classic all at once, and there are knits for every body, wee through big, that all play with colour. 

there are 22 patterns in this book, and i feel like it would be very difficult to not fall in love with at least one of them. half of them have been living in my ravelry favourites since i first discovered lankaleikki, and i'm sure that someday, at least one will end up on my needles. once i stop mentally creating three new collections for every one i'm working on...

i leave you with the cutest image of all...


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