Tuesday, 26 May 2015

tops, tanks, & tees 2015

it's time for one of my favourite annual knit-a-longs, very shannon's tops, tanks & tees kal! last year, i did a selfish knit, dianna walla's vasa tee, which i modified slightly due to yardage issues. my photo ended up being the most popular one, which was a bit of a shock considering i found out ages later because i don't really pay attention to those things. the kal is fun, there are prizes to be won, you can finish off a wip if you want to, and the best part is that you can make any short-sleeved top you like! unlike a lot of other kals that get very specific with their eligible patterns, the tttkal is more about "make what you like to make" rather than "make what we want you to make."

photo from very shannon's blog

this year, the kal is running from may 13th until june 3rd (that's next week). three weeks total, which is the perfect amount of time to churn out a top (although there is always the possibility of an extension anyway). i'm aiming to keep myself in that time limit, ideally finishing by the end of the month to have blocking done for the 3rd and to fit in the project as one of my hogwarts' homework assignments. i'm actually doing quite well at this point - hopefully will have this first one ready for blocking later today, and then i'm going to try to knit the smallest size between now and the 3rd. katie introduced me to what is hands-down the nerdiest harry potter-themed ravelry group of all time, and i'm joining in to feed both my personal nerdiness and to use the homework assignments as external deadlines to keep me on track with when nature fought back.

last year's tttkal project.

i swatched prior to the start of the kal with shibui knits' linen, and i've been designing a tank top over the course of the three weeks. the fo photo for the end of the kal will hopefully function as my test knitters' call-out. expect that in the first week or so of june! it will be my first full-sized garment design, including grading for different sizes (currently for chest measurements of 30-52"!), so that is both terrifying and exhilarating. and means i definitely need some top-notch test knitters to make sure i don't totally bugger up the pattern.

sunday's knittng. i've moved past this point significantly by now. 

this is my first time knitting with linen, and it's make for some interesting work! i've worked with rough silk before, but even the swatch made me aware of how different linen is as a fibre. i'm loving the drape of the fabric! once the top is done, i will finally be able to move on to the yoth big sister that has been waiting patiently in my stash for its time on the needles. there is a lot of math i need to work out for its design, which is why i've been holding off on getting started. but june will be the month for it, i can feel it in my bones. 

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