Wednesday, 6 May 2015


one last design before the trunk show tomorrow - meet costae, an easy and quick knit that let's you showcase those gorgeous gradient and hand-dyed yarns, and that can be worn by pretty much everyone. 

costae was designed to show off the colour shifts in my naturally dyed gradient cakes. it's kerchief-sized, which means it can sit around the neck either by wrapping the ends around or by tying them in a smart little knot.

costae is also the latin word for ribs, which is where the textual interest comes into play. there's a fair amount of personal freedom in this design, which makes it perfect for both new knitters, experienced knitters looking for a bit of a break, and those knitters looking for a bit of an easing into knit design. the garter rows down an otherwise stockinette body run halfway or so across each wedge, similar to a ribcage. my sample has twelve sets of garter rows, which is the number of pairs in a human skeleton, but you can do more or less as you desire.

once again, this pattern is part of the when nature fought back collection. i've released a lot of shawls for this collection, which is lovely (one can always use more shawls!) and results in some relatively quick turnaround pattern-wise. but there needs to be more to this particular collection than just shawls and the occasional hat, so expect a slightly longer period between designs in the next little while. i'll also be looking for test knitters for garments in the coming months, so if you're interested, keep an eye on my instagram feed!

because i'm a nut, i decided after making a tunic on the weekend that i needed a shawl to go with it. unfortunately, the vast majority of my shawls were already freshly blocked as samples for the show, so obviously that meant knitting a brand new shawl. i grabbed a skein of tanis fiber arts blue label in sand from my stash and cast on shortly before midnight on sunday night. i knew i needed it blocking by wednesday morning to be ready for the show. i ended up taking the advice of friends and choosing sleep instead, but it's almost done anyway, and i'll finish it off at tara's while i hang out with the show. had i pulled an all-nighter and/or not had to work 9-5 on monday and tuesday, though, my bleached ribs version would be done already. this design is really, really, really great for those last-minute projects and/or precious single skeins.

costae is available now for download from my rav store, and the gradient cakes will be available at tara davis studio boutique in winnipeg tomorrow through saturday!

thanks to lily for joining me for a hang-out date and photo shoot before the rain arrived!

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