Sunday, 19 April 2015

úlfur hat & cuffs

i'm releasing not one, but two patterns this time! they are companions pieces, or litter mates, if you will. meet the úlfur hat and cuffs, a pair of patterns almost a year in the making simply because i kept getting sidetracked.

úlfur is the icelandic word for wolf, and also happens to be the name of my ukulele, which i bought in reykjavik. wolves are and have always been my favourite animal, and when i saw northbound knitting's metallurgy colourway on the merino fingering singles base, i couldn't get over how much it looks like wolf fur. add in the soft halo of shibui knits' silk cloud in caffeine and you end up with the most beautiful fabric that has a comforting weight to it. not heavy, per se, just present.

the designs incorporate short rows (of course) and a chevron seed stitch for a nice bit of texture. i knit up a sample of the hat last summer and got it test knit at the time by odessa and lindsay, but then just kept getting sidetracked from working out the accompanying handshoes. when i did finally get around to them, they flew off my needles in no time, leaving me to wonder just why i took so long to get around to them. the handshoes are knit flat and then seamed up the side, leaving a hole for the thumb. easy peasy lemon squeezy!

these yarns are just so luscious. i love lisa's single ply, and while i normally hate working with mohair (it's just itchy and annoying), shibui knits makes it feel like you're knitting with a cloud. of course, this cloud doesn't take kindly to ripping back, so while the patterns aren't super complicated, they do require enough focus that you don't have to fight with mohair sticking to itself for dear life.

you can also flip the cuffs upside-down so the short rows are at your fingers. a li'l extra edge.
if you're not so into the mixing yarns bit, you can go simple with a lovely handdyed fingering weight like tanis fiber arts' purple label cashmere sock. i used one of tanis's ooak colourways, fjord (also strangely appropriate for iceland), but any of her blue, blue cosmic, purple, or red label yarns would work wonderfully! and you just need one skein to knit both projects (plus an extra pair of mitts, or a few hexipuffs).

i'm still ridiculously pleased with the decreases on this particular design.

the úlfur hat and cuffs are both part of the when nature fought back collection, which is coming along quite nicely lately i must say. six patterns released in the past three weeks! considering i gave myself the goal of releasing a minimum of twelve patterns in 2015, i'd say i'm at a pretty good place right now.

thanks to odessa and lindsay for test knitting for me, and to my beautiful friend madison for modelling! madi also happens to be an independent filmmaker (she's too talented), so if you're interested, go check out her production company, prairie kid productions!

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