Friday, 24 April 2015

mild chaos

i've been pretty quiet on here lately, with the obvious exception of pattern announcements. i'm afraid it will continue being quiet for the next couple of weeks at least, as i hunker down with prep work for the trunk show and yarn launch at tara davis studio boutique. i am very, very excited, and also mildly terrified for my first ever trunk show. and then in the immediate week following the trunk show, i have two pretty important applications to submit. so i will probably continue being a bit quiet. but it's all good!

costae is a quick and satisfying knit i designed for my gradient cakes and ecoprint blanks. it will be released before the show, promise!

the trunk show is happening on may 7-9 and is coinciding with the exchange shop hop, so it's the perfect excuse to wander around the exchange and grab some last minute mother's day gifts! i'll be at tara's all day on thursday and probably saturday as well, and realistically you'll probably see me there friday evening after work. drop by and say hi!  

and now, i leave you with yarn porn. i'm photographing every skein, cake, blank, and braid as i go (it helps having the documentation, and also helps me keep track of what's popular once items sell, since "logwood" or "indigo" on my spreadsheets doesn't really tell me much about the specific depth of shade). you can check out more yarn porn on my ravelry yarn pages.

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