Sunday, 12 April 2015

deconstruction kerchief

i've been a busy bee with designing lately as i try to get everything ready for the trunk show. i wanted to create a design that was especially made for the show and yarn launch. meet deconstruction, a fabulous little kerchief for showing off your favourite eco-printed, gradient, speckled, or semi-solid yarns.

deconstruction began as an experiment in natural dyeing and eco-printing. what would happen if i dyed and eco-printed a pre-knit sock blank, unravelled it, and knit it into something new? what could i design that would show off the sprinkling of colours from leaves and bark and petals and compost?

i had dreamed up a design while meditating, and decided it would be perfect for showcasing whatever the deconstructed eco-prints wanted to do. a simple stockinette diamond begins at one corner, increases to its widest point, then decreases back down to the other corner. stitches are picked up along the edges and become a herringbone border, and the eco-printed yarn returns for a boot loop bind off. i used a skein of my sock yarn for the herringbone, and one of carson's buttons holds the kerchief in place with a loop on the opposite corner.

deconstruction is the latest design in the when nature fought back collection, and i'll have a pick-and-choose kit option available at the trunk show with ecoprint blanks, mini skeins of sock, and buttons from salvaged earth designs.

you'll be able to buy the sock blanks in their initial eco-printed state, so that you can look at the original prints before knitting or weaving or crocheting them into something else. the sock blanks can be caked up (my personal preference, because i love the look of a cake) or you can knit right from them. one end kind of "locks" and the other unravels easily, so just make sure to pull a couple of rows out of each end to determine which one you should be working from. after the show, i'll have the blanks available in my etsy store, along with the other yarns and fibres. i'm changing my fibre base supplier, so there may be a bit of a delay for the online stock. i'm also looking into the idea of getting a knitting machine to knit up the blanks for me so i can use whatever yarns i like (knitting my own blanks by hand is out of the question because a) i have a bajillion other things i need to do and b) i have a bajillion other things i want to do, which is the more important reason, and if i rely on knitting the sock blanks by hand i will end up never dyeing sock blanks again). once i grab a knitting machine, i can use any base i like and print blanks when i have remnants on hand, be they compost, garden leftovers, or findings. 

big thanks to katie (@kdschewe) for being the world's fastest test knitter, and to the gorgeous monique for modelling and then joining me for post-photo drinks!

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