Tuesday, 3 March 2015


i have a new obsession, and it's consuming my creative mind. last night's dyeing adventures only added to it.

ahem, not last night's results. this was from a few days ago.

i've been playing with eco-printing since last summer, after being inspired by kelly and caitlin. instagram fed my fascination, to the point that i decided to take some organic jersey that i had bought for dyeing but never got around to and finally got around to it. i eco-printed on it without really expecting much, considering the luck i have with dyeing cellulose fibres. but it worked, and i was in awe! i posted it on instagram, and a little while after that, kristan made a comment about eco-printing on knitting. that made me excited too, but since i didn't have anything ready to be printed on right away, i decided to try printing on a sock blank, and then seeing how that knit up once it was unravelled.

these are last night's results.

the first sock blank that i worked on caked up beautifully, but it was the second one that i started knitting with. it's destined for an art award submission, so i'll have a separate blog post dedicated to it that will appear at a later date. by this point, i had already figured out a design made specifically for the ecoprinted blanks and was planning on dyeing up a skein of my normal sock yarn to go with it. last night, i dyed up a skein using a very strong madder bath and some iron mordant to deepen the colour. then i grabbed a sock blank and laid out avocado peels, thai basil, and eucalyptus leaves, bundled it up, and plopped it into the dye bath after the first skein. as i put them together to dry, i realized that this latest blank was the perfect one for the design sample, along with the madder skein. they make me so happy, i can't even describe it. other yarnies will understand my glee. 

they're very pretty in cakes, too...

i was also thinking that maybe other people would like the ecoprinted blanks too. i decided to pull aside some of the blanks i'd bookmarked for gradients and use them for eco-printing instead. i'll be selling them at the show (more news on that TOMORROW!!!) in their original blank form so that people can admire the before effect prior to doing their own unravelling. the blanks can be knit straight from one end (one end "locks" and the other unravels easily, so if you choose this option, make sure you knit from the correct end). or you can cake or wind them up, like i did. i like the cake option because of how it looks and also because it means i can knit from either end. 

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