Sunday, 15 March 2015

self-indulgence, maybe

around my birthday, i like to treat myself to something i wouldn't normally indulge in. for the past few years, that something has been yarn (surprise, surprise!). last year, that took the form of a sweater's worth of tanis fiber arts' green label to knit up my ease sweater. 

this year, i'm looking into yarn clubs. it's a pricier purchase that does not and cannot easily be for a specific pre-planned project, simply due to the typical yarn club's premise of a custom colourway that's a surprise for its subscribers. which is awesome, because who doesn't like a fibre surprise from your favourite dyer, but it's hard to plan a design when you don't even know what colour or fibre you'll be getting. or it's hard for me, at least. i work very much by colour, and a slight difference in hue can totally throw off a planned design (it has on several occasions). but hey, for my birthday, which is next month, why not treat myself without the pressure of purchasing for a planned design, which is currently my attempted purchasing rule to curb my stash. i will admit, this self-imposed rule is only semi-successful.

my to-knit-soon basket is a bit full right now...

i looked into several options, and it seems as though regardless of who i opt for, i'm looking at a summer purchase just due to the timing of most dyers. they follow the seasons, which is a natural thought. i would do the same if i were to ever offer yarn clubs with sunflower knit yarns (a plan which is lovely, but so far into the horizon it's not even really worth dwelling on). i checked out the following yarn clubs:
-hedgehog fibres (despite never knitting with their yarns or even coming into contact with them in real life yet, their photos make me drool)

grand lake was one design for a pro-verbial shipment, verb's yarn club. 
in the end, i've opted for verb. there are a number of reasons for this, including a) i've been dreaming of their yarns for years now and have never had the chance to play with them; b) i really want to try playing and designing with other naturally dyed fibres, and verb is so well-established with such lovely bases it seems like the perfect fit; c) their club comes with extra bits too, including a pattern for each shipment and discounts for their store which is full of other lovely things; d) shipping and handling is already included in the price, which is just nice because it's less math to do and you don't have to contend with international shipping headaches; e) you get four shipments instead of three: and f) there are notes from the dyer! how cute is that? 

this is creating, in vermilion. how incredible is that colour?
pro-verbial runs for a full year and begins in the fall, so i won't actually be able to treat myself until the summer. which isn't ideal timing considering i'll be traveling a wee bit, but i can plan it into my budget! a belated happy birthday to me, set to arrive around my unbirthday. it seems fitting. 

do you subscribe to any yarn or fibre clubs? which ones are your favourite?

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