Monday, 9 March 2015

preparations and side notes

last week, i picked up a niddy-noddy from local woodworker wayne capar of natural knot wood. he's the one who my mum secretly commissioned to make me a yarn bowl for christmas after meeting at manitoba fibre fest last year. i contacted wayne a little while ago to see if he made niddy-noddys because i couldn't find any in shops at the time, and i was nervous about ordering one online because a) the american dollar vs. canadian is crap right now and b) different shaft lengths give you different wrap lengths, and different woods are more or less dense, and basically i didn't want to spend money on something that arrived and then was uncomfortable or unwieldy when i have to wrap thousands of yards on it before the show (never mind after the show). 

see the difference the re-skeining makes in distributing the dye results (top has not been reskeined)? and also tidying up those messy skeins that get pulled out of the dye pot.

it turns out that wayne hadn't made a niddy-noddy before, although he's made oodles of other fibre notions, and he was happy to do some research and figure out a prototype. lucky me, i get to be the tester! i have the 18" shaft right now, which will give me 2-yard wraps, and i'll be picking up shorter shafts soon. wayne is looking into making niddy-noddys with interchangeable shafts, which i 100% support. i have some wrapping to do, then once we figure out all the little bits and bobs and details, he'll hopefully have them ready for sale soon. my prototype is made out of cherry wood, and is just beautiful. i've had a lot of luck lately making connections with wonderful wood artisans! i attached one of carson's caragana buttons to a sample flopster for the show. pics to come once i mess around with my mannequin heads (they may as well look good since i'll be using them at the show anyway). 

of course, i'm also a very squirrelly personality, so when a friend commissioned a couple of necklaces from me, i was more than happy to oblige. winnipeg is lucky to have shakti for natural jewelry supplies. i needed to pick up more chain, and while i was picking that up, i found more stones that were just too perfect to leave behind. the coral stones are red quartz and the blue is kyanite. i'm a big proponent of handmade wardrobes, from undies through outer layers, and while my time realistically does not allow me to make nearly as much of my wardrobe as i would like, i love quick and satisfying projects that add those perfect finishing touches to an outfit. also, i'm a total femme (despite rarely having the energy or desire to go high-femme - if i can't run for the bus or play in the woods, the outfit in question rarely makes the cut).

i've been thinking quite a lot lately (thanks in part to instagram and hanging out with kelly and making all of the plans) of challenging myself to make as much of my wardrobe as possible, starting with this next year. of course, working a full-time non-maker job cuts down on my making time, and i spend my off time primarily knitting and dyeing. so i don't have oodles of time to sew new dresses, or coats, or anything like that really. even my selfish knitting is relegated more to knitting design samples that i later add into my personal wardrobe (and even those have to be ready to head back into "show mode"). but i firmly believe it's worth the effort. and for the things that i can't make, i'm trying to source the majority of other items from other makers. i've been a conscious spender for years (with more success at some times over others, and pretty much directly attached to my income - class very much plays into the ability to choose ethical over cheap). this is just a further extension of it, especially as i try to source my making materials from eco-conscious/ethical/local sources as well. i plan on making as many parts of the when nature fought back outfits as possible, and sourcing other handmade pieces when i can't. i hope to be able to showcase as much of it as possible when i get around to the actual lookbook.

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