Saturday, 14 March 2015

pick up

i've been going at a good little clip with my knitting lately, which is very nice considering the number of deadlines and side projects (besides just working full-time) that i have going on. i still have some dyeing to do before the trunk show, but that's all been booked into my week off over spring break, when i can dedicate myself to my soon-to-be indigo vat in between cluster fest events. this week, i finished a shawl for an art award submission and whipped up a pair of gather handshoes for the dark woods kal! perfect timing, especially considering how things are starting to warm up around here but not enough to warm my poor fingers. 

i knit the pair using the leftovers from my flopster sample. there's still some leftover! seriously, i'd be super pleased even if it wasn't my own yarn. the original colour, which i got from a second bath of madder, was very peach/coral, which looked a bit ridiculous next to my skin. so i took some leftover logwood and madder baths, both with iron in them, and poured them together into the dye pot. i wrapped each handshoe around a thai basil leaf, bound them, and popped them in the pot. they simmered for an hour and a half, then hung out with no heat overnight. 

i wasn't totally sure about the new colour initially, but i'm much happier with it now. and i'm very happy to have a non-melted pair of handshoes in my wardrobe again. and i'm especially happy to have fit a selfish knit into a single day, especially with my current queue. i do have to remember that making for myself is just as valid as design work or knitting a sample or submission.

i'm going to try keeping track of my handmade wardrobe journey online. you can find the facebook album here and of course you can follow my instagram for more frequent posts. 

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