Saturday, 28 March 2015

mindless-selfish-social knitting

my week off from non-fibre work is primarily being spent around my dye pots. but it also happens to happily coincide with cluster festival, which is one of my favourite events in winnipeg. several nights out at art events means i need a largish social knitting project to drag around, but basically all the designs i'm working on right now require at least some focus (minus the one with yoth's big sister, but i need to do a whole lot of math and swatching before i can really get started on it). what better excuse to get started on a selfish knit, especially one that adds to my handmade wardrobe challenge, fills an important hole in my sweater pile (specifically, a lightweight handknit cardigan that's a bit fancy for evenings out), AND uses my naturally dyed yarn? yup, i'm casting on escher.

i'm very excited about this one. to be perfectly honest, i still need to dye up two skeins of sock for c1 (i plan on testing out dried mulberries and am crossing my fingers i get a lovely grey), but i can at least get started on it. i'm using one skein of my gradient sock, dyed with onion skins and logwood, for c3 (the centre back panel and lower arms), and a skein of glitter sock dyed with a very concentrated logwood bath for c2. i am still drooling a little bit over how dark that particular skein turned out.

the glitter sock is actually much darker in real life.

it'll be interesting to see how the arms work out with the gradient. i'm trying to decide whether i want to figure out how to work out the same-ish tone, but i think i might like the patchwork effect in the end anyway. and considering that the pattern's yardage only calls for about two-thirds of the skein anyway, i don't even know how much of the gradient effect will come into the piece. it'll be a colour adventure!

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speaking of cluster fest, last night was opening night and it was an inspiring time. i ended up with notes all over my hand after i got ideas for several projects thanks to the plumes ensemble and couldn't find my notebook quickly. so now i am sketching out yet more long-term plans, which will remain under wraps for a while, but which are making me very, very excited. and tonight is yet another show, so perhaps i will keep my notebook at the top of my bag. between now and then, i have yarn to pre-mordant, an indigo vat to prep, a shawl to finish (test knitters, get ready for a callout), and taxes to do. i do love having time off. i get so much stuff done!

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