Saturday, 21 March 2015


happy spring equinox, lovelies!

i am loving the warmer weather. i'm a much happier hippie in my spring/fall layers than in extreme summer heat or winter cold. i get to wear lots of wooly things while not freezing my butt off or being so hot i get cranky. the one thing i could do without during the change of seasons, though, is my terrible joints. they get cranky when the weather shifts, and it results in all sorts of fun things, like sore knuckles and painful knees and cracking hips and stiff backs. i've been visiting physio quite a bit lately, but thankfully they're right where i work. 

the very first sunflower knit kit ended up going to my girlfriend's fundraiser, which was held thursday night. it was a trivia night and raffle draw, and i laughed quite a bit when i saw that the kit was in the "hipster prize pack." considering the kit was for a flopster hat, that sort of makes sense ha. it contained a printed copy of the pattern, a lilac wood button from salvaged earth designs, a couple of stitch markers made by me, a skein of my worsted wool naturally dyed with black beans and yellow onion skins, and a set of wooden dpns. normally, needles wouldn't be included in the kits, but i figured it was best to cover all bases with this one. i wanted the kit to be something that even a beginner knitter would be comfortable with, and that was neutral enough that anyone who won it would be happy to wear what they knit. i really loved the way the colours of the dye distributed after reskeining - they went from an almost copper green to the purple of bean shoots! our team really didn't do well on the trivia portion of the night, but it was still a lot of fun. 

i've taken a short break from the ecoprint shawl for the trunk show to knit my auntie a hat. something i didn't share when i released prairie fire was that we knew before i even knit it for her that she has terminal cancer. she mentioned earlier this week that she wished she had a hat for inside at home, and her sister and my mum piped up that i probably had something. we tried out a design sample i had in my cabinet, but it wasn't quite right. so i called wolseley wool to set aside a skein of black wool (mona grabbed a skein of malabrigo arroyo, which was exactly the type of yarn i was thinking for this) and my mum picked it up since i knew i wouldn't get to the shop until the weekend. and so i've knit a simple and quick cozy hat for my auntie. eventually, i'll get another one knit up and release a free pattern for it, because i think having access to gifts like that is really important. there's a whole lot of ethics and politics and thoughts around handmade gifts for loved ones and tough times, but i don't really feel like getting into that. suffice to say, the pattern will be available eventually, and if you really want to put money towards it, my suggestion is to donate whatever amount you're able to afford to your local cancer care centre, or whatever local research centre is relevant to you and your own gifted hat. pay it forward. in my mind, the love in handmade items is one of the most important aspects of craftivism.

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