Tuesday, 3 February 2015


one of the most interesting things to me about the creative process, particularly when it comes to longer-term projects and collaborations, is the way that they shift. as interests wax and wane, inspirations appear and disappear, life gets in and out of the way, so a project can shift. and sometimes, certain aspects of a plan live on across multiple projects. i speak today about my inspiration and plans for when nature fought back, and where it is currently standing, although i suspect that it will move several times before its final (or final-ish) production.

a stack of finished pieces for the collection, in various stages of pattern publication.

it began last year, long before i went to live in the woods and played with bones. it actually started off as an idea for a play, a story about ghosts caught in limbo and what items they might leave behind to suggest to us their journeys. the idea of remnants. our impacts on the environment, and what trigger might cause nature to fight back against us, and what would happen to us if it did. a nuclear tea party. alice in wonderland and her jabberwocky and march hare and flowers that towered above her. nightmares. dreams. the power of stones, and the stories of bones. the comfort of a pair of antlers held in your hands when everything else feels unstable. the smell of rot. memories of iceland and polish woods.

pollination is the first published pattern from the when nature fought back collection.
sketches give way to swatches and trials and errors and retrials that become successes. everything seems to fit into the theme, even when they're not technically related. ideas for this collection go off on tangents and have inspired at least three other collections, some of which i've started by accident and others of which are waiting more patiently for their turn. and then, the performance and reveal shift because collaborations shift even more than personal projects. and the pull of those collaborations make the shift good and fine and exciting, and so we go down a different path together.

yarn for upcoming patterns, three of which are established, tested, and just need to be knit and photographed in the proper yarns before publication, and one which is still in the pre-swatch stages.

but the original pull is still there, and some sort of culmination feels necessary for that aspect of the project. so here is my plan: by the end of 2015, to have a dozen complete looks that fit into the collection. each of those looks to have at least one original design that is actually part of the collection, but also other designs made again to suit certain looks. to have a dozen (maybe more, but definitely not fewer) patterns that are specific to the collection. to go into the woods and take many photos and pull together a lookbook. to create a small show to launch them, or at least to show them off. to pull them together after that as a trunk show, ready to travel at a moment's notice to fellow fibre lovers, perhaps along with yarn and kits, although not necessarily always with me.

these are my goals. for now. maybe (likely) they will shift some more, and by the end of 2015, there will be something entirely different sitting in front of me. but for now, i think these are reasonable and achievable goals, and an end date that suits me and will let me move on to related and unrelated things will a feeling of completion. or at least as much completion as one ever feels in creative pursuits. 

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