Thursday, 12 February 2015


these days, i have been all about the random bits of prep work for the trunk show and getting knitting deadlines and paperwork out of the way. well, i'm still right in the midst of those deadlines and paperwork, but ticking them off as they come along is certainly satisfying. i have logwood and indigo dyeing days marked off, but beyond that, the majority of the yarn dyeing is complete. i'm now on to the (rather repetitive) task of reskeining, labelling, and recording each skein, cake, and braid, and then organizing some of those further into kits. i'm splitting those steps up over the days with knitting samples and making stitch markers to keep it entertaining!

i am more than slightly biased in the matter, but i have to say it - i love my stitch markers! i've made them with shells, jasper, agate, and fresh water pearls, and i think they're beautiful. on top of that, though, they're the nicest stitch markers i've used while knitting. yes, they look lovely, but they're also the perfect weight (i.e. no weight, but they stay out of your way), and they're not too big or too small. the thing i'm going to need to test is for very small and very large needles. i would also like to make removable markers, but i haven't quite figured out a cost-effective/attractive option for those yet. regardless, these particular stitch markers (which have a 9mm diameter) will be available for purchase at the trunk show. i'll be selling them in sets of five.

my moo cards came in, and i am the happiest little fibre-y small business nerd! they turned out beautifully. the printing is crisp, the paper (their green cards) is a comforting weight, and all of my writing on the front is legible! hurrah! there are twenty different images, which is rather exciting. i can't wait to start incorporating them into my packaging!

the buttons are made from (starting at the top and going clockwise): european buckthorn, lilac, apple, crabapple, ash, caragana, plum, elm, siberian elm, honeysuckle, local cherry, amur cherry, and burr oak in the centre. 
i met my friend carson back in the fall at a market. he's a magician with wood, and i asked if he would be able to make a mass order of buttons. last night, i went around the corner to his place (all the winnipeg hippies live within walking distance of one another - it saves on potluck travel time) and picked out my buttons from the basket of ready ones. they are so gorgeous and beautiful and finely crafted. they're extremely smooth and finished with linseed oil, so they'll be wonderful for handknits! i'll be putting a few together into kits for the show, and will hopefully have time to knit up a flopster before the show with some of my worsted weight wool and sew on a button. carson will have more buttons at festival du voyageur, so for you local folks, you should definitely go check him out and grab some buttons and a spoon or two.

anna maltz's latest article in the most recent issue of pom pom makes me so happy that i am reading it slowly to savour it.

so i have many things to do, and many plans to solidify, and many small tasks that become humongous due to their repetition, but i love it still. and there is always, always, always time for a knitting break. preferably with a pattern i enjoy, yarn that is scrumptious, using needles and notions that make me happy, and maybe even with a great little article to read.

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