Monday, 16 February 2015

keepin' it riel

happy louis riel day, folks! february is often a particularly dreary month in canada, and having no day off between new year's and easter has proven to be not so great to many employers and governments. so several provinces were smart enough to create a holiday in mid-february, and here in manitoba, that day is louis riel day. hurrah for the long weekend!

i had hoped to get to festival du voyageur's fashion show on ice yesterday, but my homicidal uterus had other ideas. so instead i stayed in and got a good chunk of knitting done on a new pattern sample. today, however, i set aside for logwood! since my kitchen is my dye studio, i try to contain the number of days i overtake it with iron mordants due to the required extra ventilation and mask usage. i dyed up several skeins in order to semi-exhaust the dye bath and the chips, which i could technically use a bit more, but i decided to do some eco-printing with them instead. 

here is the organic jersey i scoured last week, laid out with rose petals, leaves, some other tiny flowers, onion skins, and the exhausted logwood chips. i bundled it all up and let it simmer in the dye bath, before turning off the heat and going out for a few hours. when i got home, i unwrapped it and tossed it in the washing machine. why be rougher with it than i normally would? because i have plans to make it into an easy-to-wear dress, and if the fabric and dye can't take a ride through the delicate cycle, i should rethink its use anyway. it seems to have survived and is drying now, so you can expect to see photos on instagram as i progress with its sewing destiny.

hanging out with the dye baths also generally means i have oodles of knitting time, so i'd hoped to  work on the lace shawl that will be part of when nature fought back. the other pattern sample i'm working on is coming along very quickly, but it's also a pattern that allows for social knitting, whereas this lace design really does need focus and attention. hanging out at home with my dye baths allows for that more than short breaks at work, or even hanging out after work when my brain is fried. i plan on having both patterns released prior to the trunk show, with kits prepared for both available at the show.  i ended up focusing on finishing work and a design submission instead of knitting though. the design is a secret one that i've finished off today and will send in for consideration tomorrow, so depending on how that turns out, i may have some very exciting news and collaboration to tell you about. if it doesn't turn out, i will likely do the design anyway, just over a more relaxed timeline. i do like what's in my brain, it's just a question of when to pump it out.

i  finally finished off my friend liz's slippers, complete with gorgeous buttons! we did an energy swap, with my knitting and her graphic design skills, and i'm very happy to have these lovelies ready to mail off to her. 

i also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support of prairie fire, and the many lovely words and compliments for my auntie! i made sure to share them with her when i went to visit her earlier this evening. they mean a lot, so kinanaakomin. 

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