Sunday, 22 February 2015

fun & games

i have some fun new knitterly things i've been working on, and i would love for you to play with me! 

i have a new shawl design that i absolutely love and have knit up twice and will be putting together kits of it for the show in april. i'm looking for test knitters right now. it knits up surprisingly fast for such a huge shawl, and it has all sorts of colour play possibilities. plus it uses mini skeins. who doesn't love mini skeins? you have until the end of march to knit it up, so if you're interested in test knitting, give me a shout. and if you're a winnipeg local and interested in knitting one up in my naturally dyed yarn, let me know (i'm afraid i'd be keeping that one for the show, but i'd be happy to gift you a separate skein in exchange for it).

i dyed up this very dark logwood skein on my glitter sock base on monday, and i'm a bit obsessed with it. i desperately want to knit something with it, and i'm also still obsessed with this gradient skein i dyed up weeks ago with logwood and onion skins, so i'm thinking they should be paired together for a project. the question is, do i design something new with them, or do i knit up one of my current designs with them? both abalone and the above design would look great in them, but i kind of want to use the excuse to come up with another design. the problem is that i don't know what to do with them yet, and ideally i would have whatever it is ready for the show in april, which isn't really realistic unless i just don't sleep. i'm also starting to lean towards using them to knit up escher, which has been hanging out in my queue for a bit. so i don't know what to do yet. i'll just look longingly and pet them in the meantime.

now, for some fun news from folks who are not me. kristan macintyre is hosting a kal for caitlin ffrench's dark woods patterns. the deadline is april 1st, and you get bonus points for naturally dyeing your own yarn. kristan was talking about eco-printing enshroud after it got knitted up, which i am sooooooo into. i wish i had the time to knit up my own enshroud right now. i love the idea of eco-printing on knitting though. i'm actually experimenting with eco-prints on one of my sock blanks, which will of course be deconstructed once it's unravelled into a cake and then knit into something else. i scavenged some eucalyptus earlier this week from bouquets at work, and kelly just gave me some indigo, so there are many ideas wandering around in my brain...i'm thinking of squeezing in a pair of gather mitts anyway, which i will justify because my current handshoes are all melting around the top edges from overuse. it's fine, right? i only have two new patterns, show samples, and the possibility of two magazine samples on top of show prep to worry about right now. ha. i'm a nut. but i love these ladies, and i love dark woods, so if i can make it happen i will. 

this is fossil & bone.
speaking of brilliant b.c.-based fibre folks, sylvia just released a new shawl that is just beautiful. i love the name a lot. it's weirdly similar to the shawl i made for meaggy in the fall and that i'll be releasing prior to the show, but i think that's just because great knitting minds think alike. i love the way that the ends are tied into knots, and the lace stitch she's used. sylvia designs the loveliest lace shawls.

so that's the news for now. i'm in a very scavengy mood right now, perhaps just because i'm tired of winter and want to go wander in the woods without a bajillion layers on (i love layers, just not to the point where i look and feel like a marshmallow). i'm dreaming about finding bones and dye materials and cooking up eco-prints over a fire. 

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