Friday, 27 February 2015

drool-worthy #16 - the number collection

it's been a little while since i wrote a drool-worthy post, and i was actually thinking about that a couple of days ago. as timing would have it, veronika jobe from yoth yarns released a collection yesterday and they're all gorgeous! meet the number collection, five designs which use yoth's big sister (dk) and little brother (fingering) yarns.

the collection is a mix of accessories and garments, but i'm particularly partial to the garments. veronika's eye for detail, for example on this hem and the braided straps, just make me sigh. and dream of summer, although at this point i'd settle for the snow melting.

004. but actually, just the whole outfit, k thanks.
i also love the colour play. yoth does neutrals and gradients brilliantly, and the different shade along the bottom half of these sleeves is perfect. it's like you're wearing an extra layer of handshoes but they're already attached see how clever?? also, i love those boots.

my absolute favourite piece, though, is this vest. i've been drawn to vests lately (some designs are off in the wild right now, waiting on consideration from others), and it's strange because i have traditionally not understood the whole "cover your torso but not your arms" concept, especially since i have such cold hands. but that extra layer is really doing it for me these days, perhaps because my hands are actually getting colder and so i've been wearing even more layers than usual. either way, this vest looks like you've basically wrapped yourself in a blanket, and i am always all for that. 

this is yoth's wild rice colourway from their raw palette collection.

yoth yarns are gorgeous, and their product photography is some of my favourite yarn porn these days. check out their yarns and collections, and if you're on the west coast, drop by tolt or baaad anna's to squish some in person before you buy enough to knit the whole collection. 

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