Monday, 5 January 2015

welcoming in the new, and reflecting on the old

happy 2015! just like last year, i'm a bit late to the mark with my resolutions, but in all honesty, i think resolutions can be made any day. waiting for a specific day or time or moment to start making positive changes in your life is silly. why not just start now? of course, a new year is always nice as a benchmark (or perhaps a bookmark), so coming up with new ones and ticking off the old ones is not a bad exercise either. what follows here is my (attempt at) stretching.

last year's resolutions:
-get back to a daily yoga practice, adding in some meditation 
-learn how to kick up into handstand
-knit more things that i enjoy, and stress myself out less with knitting deadlines
-continue to travel
-start my yoga training (?)
-expand both companies - artistically, business-wise, geographically, and socially
-get back to the music
-play more in every way 
-find my love of nutrition again - i know it's good for me, and i enjoy it, so it's just a matter of reigniting that passion in the kitchen
-get better at photography
-express myself more fully
-be kinder, to myself and to others
-find that gratitude and embrace it sincerely
-more poetry, in every part of my life
-breathe more openly
-save some money. nest eggs are nice, and not stressing over bills is even better.

i didn't tick them all off, but i think i'll keep at them. some will be indefinitely postponed (like my yoga training and expanding the theatre company), but others will be fun to keep trying at right now.

my resolutions for this year are also a mix of the tangible and the not-so-tangible. this year has more of the tangible than last year. make of that what you will.

resolutions for 2015:
-host at least two shows this year (art/fibre/performance)
-finally get my half-sleeve…i've been planning it for five years now
-dance more often
-cultivate the openness i felt at my residency last summer
-do more residencies
-collaborate with inspiring people
-learn the ukulele? (this one is dependent on when i get úlfur back)
-indulge in all aspects of food - the growing, the prep, the eating, even the clean-up
-do things that make me happy, and reevaluate things that don't
-listen to my gut
-continue playing with and learning about natural dyes
-find the ritual in the everyday
-work on my photography skills
-escape to the woods more often
-fix up my website and actually keep it up-to-date
-get better at grant writing
-love my feet (this is an ongoing process)
-learn to drive…again

and now, because knitting resolutions are also important for my practice, here are my fibre-based resolutions for this year:
-design and release a minimum of 12 knitting patterns (equivalent to one per month, but i won't hold myself to that strict of a schedule)
-find time somewhere to do some selfish knitting, preferably in the form of sweaters (hana hou and lila come to mind, especially given that i have yarn specifically for them in my stash)
-release at least two collections this year - when nature fought back and a baby mini-collection are on the docket
-design a full-sized garment with grading
-get to a point where i am consistently at least breaking even financially with patterns and dyeing
-work through my stash - use at least 50% of it by the end of the year (without replacing 200%), and regularly look into destashing what no longer inspires me

p.s. i'm back at yoga AND got a library card! how great is that?

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