Thursday, 22 January 2015

drool-worthy #15 - "54 rue du château"

collaborations make me exceedingly happy. as much as i love being left to my own devices and creativity, there is nothing quite like finding those other creatures who inspire and push your artistic (or non-artistic!) practices in beautiful and challenging and caring ways. which is why my latest drool-worthy post is as much about the patterns as it is about the manner and way the patterns were conceived.

photo from avfkw's website

meet 54 rue du chateau, a collection from a verb for keeping warm (someday i will get to this magical beautiful inspiring place) and designers bristol ivyleila raabe, amy christoffers, michele wang, mary-heather browne, and olga buraya-kefelian. the concept was that each shawl in the collection used one of verb's beautiful naturally dyed yarns, and each designer would begin and finish a shawl, but that each shawl would also travel to the other designers for them to knit a section in the body. 


i love this whole concept, which i've played in various versions using other mediums but never with a knit design. it's so clever and engaging! and is a wonderful exercise in letting go and trusting your co-conspirators. 

of course, the fact that the shawls all turned out beautifully and i can't help but drool over the yarns is a bonus for my nerdy love and adoration. i'm feeling a deep gratitude to the fibre and handmade communities these days, because it feels like they are increasingly welcoming and exciting places to reside. and i want to try my own exquisite corpse game with my own friends! perhaps crossing mediums and disciplines, because i'm into that these days. well, all the days really. 

rabbits, winnipeg lovelies, artsy social media friends whom i've never met in real life but feel a deep kinship with, what do you say? shall we play our own little game?

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