Wednesday, 7 January 2015

drool-worthy #14 - sweater weather is better weather

the temperature here in winnipeg has dropped well below freezing since the new year (we can't complain too much, considering we hung out around -40 and literal mountains of snow for the better part of six months last winter). still, all i want to do is wrap myself in cozy handknits. particularly large shawls and huge sweaters in order to pretend i never left my warm bed. unfortunately, working on when nature fought back and some other projects means i can't really justify a selfish knit, particularly of the oversized sweater variety. but a knitter can dream! so here are my current dreams...

ice shanty by amy miller.

plucky knitter paired up with amy miller and some others to release all bundled up, which has a bajillion cozy and clever knits. my absolute favourite is ice shanty. seriously, it looks (and probably feels) like you are wearing a blanket, but it happens to have some majorly clever and gorgeous construction. i just...i want...sigh...maybe it wouldn't take too long to knit?

definitely susan by josée paquin.
how did nobody think of this before??? how clever is that?! all of the punctuation! but seriously, i love this idea. a scarf attached to cardigan buttons. i actually bought this pattern for my mumsy, because she really liked it. there are some clever knitting brains out there, that's for sure. 

i also have six skeins of malabrigo worsted and six skeins of northbound knitting merino sport hanging out in my stash for lila and hana hou, and given that one of my knitting resolutions is to work through my stash, it would be smarter to start with one of them. i also have purl soho's short row sweater still on my needles and probably 75% complete since april of 2013. i'm using uncommon thread's now discontinued silky alpaca sport in aged merlot for it, and it's absolutely gorgeous, but i just have left it for months. so maybe i can finish that up and at least clear out part of my wip pile.

one of my other knitting resolutions this year is to design a full-sized garment, complete with grading, and i find that my design work is better when i've worked through several other patterns to get a better feel for construction, stitch counts, shaping, and the like. so really, i do need to find the time to do some larger selfish knitting. i'll just have to sort myself out and hunker down with my needles during my off time. 

what sweaters are you dreaming of? how do you balance work and pleasure knitting? or do you find yourself always doing one more than the other?

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