Monday, 19 January 2015


my latest design, abalone, is available for download now from my ravelry shop!

i love this shawl a lot. it looks super fancy, but is actually pretty mindless to knit. these days, i really appreciate that. i currently have four other wips actively on the go/in the immediate queue and only one of them is mindless enough for social/casual knitting. i seem to be really into fancy lace and shaping these days, which is great and all, but it makes for very challenging knitting times. i need to be a) awake enough to focus on my stitches and b) not distracted. which doesn't work when i'm just hanging out with folks or catching up on a couple of rows on the bus or at my desk during a break! 

abalone offers a stunning result while also working as casual drinks-after-work knitting. the rows are squishy thanks to easy eyelets and single ply yarns from madelinetosh and tanis fiber arts, and the shell lace edging is only a few rows of simple lace! i was inspired by these two colours, and knew the two skeins that sat in my stash needed to be paired together. i'm very happy that i waited until i had the perfect design in mind for them.

eventually, this shawl will get an ocean-side photo shoot along with some other ocean-inspired knits. i have a small collection semi-planned. but for now, abalone can be enjoyed all on its own, and you can even enjoy some outtakes from the photo shoot in my girlfriend's historical building! how convenient that she lives somewhere pretty, especially when it comes to january photo shoots in manitoba…


  1. Very pretty. Love it. As a beginner, I'm not sure if i'm brave enough to try this pattern! Nina.

    1. thanks so much, nina! it's actually much easier to do than it looks. the lace is really simple yarn overs and knit-2-togethers (you could even do those on the bottom edge instead of ssk), and the stripes are very short, so you don't have to worry about carrying long strands. i'm a huge fan of tin can knits' collection of online tutorials for different skills - they're very clear and have great photos! you can find the tutorials at this link for their "simple collection":