Friday, 28 November 2014

november flurries

i have been neglecting this space of late. the work days are long, the sun is out for shorter hours, and my weekends have been spent with people i care about and catching up on knitting and design projects. basically, i haven't had much time to write. or to take photos (the shorter days definitely play into that). but life is lovely (minus the daily world news, which sucks a lot lately and i don't really know how to articulate how much it sucks), and snow is finally on the ground here on the prairies.

i do have news though! ok, here it is in list form (because i love lists):

1) #pollinationkal is being extended until at least mid-december. i feel like november has just flown by, and suspect that december will as well. so at this point, consider it extended until december 15th. potentially until december 31st though. partially due to the next entry on the list…

buy pollination here.
2) my lovely friend liz is doing an energy trade of sorts with me! she's a graphic designer and is turning my handwriting into a digital font, and i'm knitting her something in exchange. so that means i may be holding off on releasing new patterns and updates until after she's done, because i don't want to do double the work within two weeks of release.

3a) i'm naturally dyeing yarn! and it'll be for sale! at this point, i'm prepping for a show that will be happening here in winnipeg in the spring, but if you want a custom dye, give me a shout. i'm more than happy to do custom work right now. i'm really loving the experimentation! currently i have fingering weight and worsted weight yarn in semi-solids, and i'll be getting some sock blanks soon that will become gradients and potentially stripes. follow my instagram to keep up with my dyeing adventures.

3b) the yarn will be combined with my patterns to be released as kits. and i'm working with a local artisan to get handmade buttons made out of salvaged wood, which will also find their way into some of the kits. same deal in terms of the yarn with regards to custom orders, since most of the product will need to stick around for the spring show.

4) i have five new patterns that will be released as soon as i have the new font (one of them will be a freebie!) and a new shawl pattern that will come out at the end of next month. which means i'll have a slightly more consistent presence here at least!

ok, now that those are all said and done, i'm going to finish with a few photos that will function as catch-up about what's happened in my life in the past couple of months. this upcoming week is full of hang-outs and plans and shows and lovely wonderful people, so i probably will go back to the usual radio silence for a bit. but rest assured, i'll pick up the blogging pace in a bit! i do miss it.

i spent canadian thanksgiving with my parents and our dog at the place i spent every thanksgiving growing up. it was perfect.

my roommate and i had a double date at the corn maze, and there were sheep!!!

the infamous wedding quilt. 

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