Tuesday, 18 November 2014

drool-worthy #13 - "escher" by alexis winslow

i'm still doing a rather poor job of maintaining this space right now (if you want to keep up with me on social media these days, instagram will be your best bet), but i had to make a point of drooling over a pattern from the latest wool people collection! check out escher by alexis winslow!

it's one of the most stunning pieces of knitwear (and just general clothing) design i've seen recently. i desperately want to cast it on my needles, but i have too many designs of my own to deal with right now to justify a selfish knit. particularly a selfish knit that's a fingering-weight garment. sigh. i do so want to make it though!

it looks absurdly cozy, and i've been eyeing my closet and its lack of "nice" (i.e. i haven't already camped in it) cardigan layers for work and fancy events. working at a place that produces upscale art is very convenient for the femme in me, but not when i don't know what sweater to pair with my dresses and lipstick! 

i shall have to deal with not having the time to work on it for now, and spend the time instead dreaming up beautiful colour combinations for it instead.

don't forget that the pollination kal is going on this month! prizes for knits are always a good incentive for finishing gift knits...

speaking of designs, those of you who follow me on instagram will already know that i've got bulky knits galore coming off my needles at the moment. i've got a new design about to launch for testing (the charting has proven to take a longer time than i anticipated for formatting) and i have a mini collection within the when nature fought back collection that i hope to have ready for the beginning of december. i've pared back my xmas knits considerably from last year, but i do still have one gift to knit, and i have some undies to deal with (thankfully, they have very patient and understanding future owners). once the bulky knits are done, i will be moving back to fingering weight projects. there are too many ideas rolling around in my head and not enough time to knit them all. i would really like to get around to some selfish knitting sometime though...maybe i'll fit some in over the holidays just for kicks.

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