Wednesday, 15 October 2014

tempest test - holli yeoh's "watermark"

hi folks! i know i have been absent for weeks now, and i will address that in another post, but i am back with an exciting reveal for you - the test knit i did for holli yeoh and sweetgeorgia yarnstempest collection! meet my watermark!

i had to keep this one under wraps for so long, and i was bursting to show it to you guys! it's a fabulous pattern, with enough visual interest to really make you stand out in the handknit crowd (not always an easy thing to do!). 

the watermark sweater has three-quarter length sleeves, a good torso length, and generous cowl neck, along with some really lovely lace detailing. other testers' projects were very bright and lovely, but i went for a more muted main colour to pop with the leftover tanis fiber arts' green label from my ease pullover. 

i actually can't get enough of the cowl. it's so cozy! (please ignore the part where my glasses are filthy...)

the best part? you have a built-in hide-away for when you decide you want to check out. or play peek-a-boo with babies. on a serious note, though, it's great. and the shaping creates lovely drape.

if you too would like to look super fashionable, check out the watermark pattern on rav, and take a peek at the whole collection while you're at it (i'm a particular fan of eventide)! or if you're lucky, you can grab a hard copy from your lys! 

the deets:
pattern: watermark by holli yeoh, size 38" (for a 36" bust - the extra ease works fine)
materials: mc - cascade 220 heathers
                 cc - tanis fibre arts' green label in mallard

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