Friday, 31 October 2014


white rabbit was the most incredible experience of my life up to this point, and while i was there, i was inspired to create a new knitting pattern. all of the cards seemed to fall into place, minus the part where i  decided i wanted to create a circular shawl (which i've been dreaming of for ages now) and didn't have any dpns with me. hence why this pattern is being released so much later after the residency. the time has done nothing to dull my excitement for this piece, of course. i offer this new design to you. please welcome pollination.

pollination takes 215g of fingering weight yarn on 4mm needles, but you could definitely adapt it to fit different weights or needle sizes. i used fleece artist merino 2/6, madelinetosh tosh merino light, and bc garn tussah tweed. it is knit circularly from the centre out, beginning with a raspberry stitch centre, surrounded by a purl border, and finished off with a ruffle edge. it reminds me of the many berry patches around the red clay property, and the old bee boxes used in projects, and the massive sunflower i used to eco-print on silk, and the colour of the mud and vegetation. it also just reminds me of the beautiful time i spent at red clay with my fellow rabbits and honourary rabbits.

i grabbed a suitcase from a friend who had been storing it for me for two years before getting to the residency, and the suitcase happened to contain a bunch of great books and some gorgeous yarn i (luckily) didn't get to take to london. one of those skeins was fleece artist merino 2/6, which i bought during my yarn road trip two summers ago and which matched the red soil perfectly. i wound the ball by hand (a luxury and meditative practice i don't indulge in much anymore) during one of our fire circles (which shifted to a grass circle because there were too many ashes blowing in our eyes to focus properly), and figured out the design after scrapping a couple of other ideas that same evening. the name came from both the natural process of pollination that surrounded us and fed us that week, and also from the metaphorical cross-pollination of creativity that flowed from the rabbits. i fucking love this shawl, and all of the memories i have associated with it. 

pollination is now available for $6.00 from ravelry. however, as a way of honouring the sense of sharing and community that the residency offered to me and everyone else involved, i am offering a 24-hour coupon code for one free pattern of your choosing from my rav store. add your favourite pattern to your cart, apply the code "whiterabbit" before checking out, and revel in the communal wealth of knowledge and creativity that we share in this world. there will also be a knit-a-long launching tomorrow and running for the month of november, which i will be posting about tomorrow, so stay tuned for that and happy knitting!

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