Saturday, 2 August 2014

double scoop

in my last post, i mentioned being featured in tanis's round-up post for the june shawl kal. then i thought, i wonder about those other kals i did…, and went to check them out. turns out i was featured in dianna's round-up for the vasalong AND as the top photo for shannon's round-up of the tops, tanks, & tees kal! wow! thanks, folks. it's so lovely to see my projects being so wonderfully received by others. which leads me into my super exciting news…

I WON THE WOLSELEY WOOL SHAWL CONTEST! EEEEEEEE! and now i can finally reveal my pattern, and you can actually get a copy yourself.

meet double scoop, inspired by summer and ice cream cones.

this shawl is designed to use one or two skeins of fingering weight yarn. there are instructions given for working it in either one or two colours, although the multiple sections could certainly work as a stashbuster as well. the sections are worked alternately in slipped stitches and a simple lace design, with welts separating each section and a picot bind off along the bottom edge.

skills you'll need: slipped stitches, yarn overs, k2tog, knit, purl, kfb increase, picot bind off

if you use alegría, make sure you set your shawl to soak with some vinegar to hold the dye. it's a bit of a bleeder…

yarn yardages: small - 425 yards/389 metres of fingering weight yarn
large - 630 yards/576 metres, or 65g/273 yards of colour a and 85g/357 yards of colour b if working with two colours of fingering weight yarn
needle: 4mm/US 6 circular needle, min. 80cm/40” cable length

(i used madelinetosh tosh merino light for the larger shawl and manos del uruguay alegría for the smaller one. it was my first time using tosh light, and i 100% understand why people love it so much. i can't wait to get that one back and get to wear it. it's like having a cloud on your shoulders.) 

my head is blurry, but it's the shawl that's important anyway.
you can grab a copy from wolseley wool between now and manitoba fibre fest on september 6. you can also download it for free from my ravelry store during that same period using the code "mbfibrefest", then after the kal ends, it will go up to $6.00. i'll be taking prettier photos after the kal ends and i get the samples back, so maybe there will be a discount applied until the pretty version is ready… either way, i can't wait to see everyone's projects!

thank you so much to wolseley wool! and a huge thanks to my wonderful test knitters, kaley, patrick, maren, and charlie! if you're a designer and haven't already done so, find yourself some test knitters! their feedback is invaluable, and it's really useful to see how your pattern turns out on someone else's needles. it'll give you a better idea of how gauge, yarn yardages, and clarity of instructions work out, before you send it out into the world and get inundated by strangers asking about that particular vernacular you use and forgot no one else understands…

my "it's the end of the day and it's really hot and the sun won't cooperate and everything is blurry" pose.
and here's a pic of the very first prototype. it was partially an exploration of the things you can do with an ombre skein besides just letting the colours fade in and out. i used hilori's magical yarnorium silky in snakes. why'd they have to be snakes?, which is a deliciously soft blend of 30% silk and 70% merino. the sections didn't turn out exactly the way i wanted them to, which is why this one never made it into the actual samples. mum came up with a clever idea about hosting a kind of "closet clean out" once or twice a year, in which i sell off samples and gently used knits that haven't been getting the kind of loving normal wear of my other knits. room for more knits? good idea. she's so smart. anyway, this shawl is one of those destined for the clean out. i think the first clean out will probably be at the fashion show since i'll also have a booth there, so it's just another reason for you to come check out my collection this winter!

ok, so here's the bit where i go a little bit into shock and awe over the power of the interwebs, and the online knitting community. i released the pattern a little over 24 hours ago, and since its release, double scoop has been downloaded almost 5000 times. and some people have even opted to pay for it! it's incredible. i was thinking i'd be super excited if 50 people liked it, and it's managed to get to the top of the ravelry hot list within its first day! i actually have been stumbling around a little bit in shock and glee. it's just so rewarding to know that people like the pattern. and i'm so excited to see people's projects! oh my goodness. gah. love love love. i've got a few other patterns that are in the test knitting phase, although i doubt they'll have quite the response that this one has. who knows though. goodness. okay, i'm going to get back to knitting because i actually have test knitting to do for someone else right now. and my cousin's partner is going to be going into labour at any moment and i still need to finish their gramps cardigan. yeesh! oh knitting, you're so wonderful! 

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