Wednesday, 6 August 2014

abigail, revised

i've been preparing for my residency, which has involved gathering various items for the different projects i'll be working on. 

old pickle jars are great for natural solar dyeing, assuming you can get the smell out of them...
i'm going to play with natural dyeing while i'm in the woods, and then make projects with the materials i play with once i get back and settle into the new house. i'm taking 80g of the undyed tfa blue label, with 75g earmarked for yellow onion skins and eventually turned into my glenveagh mitts. i think the herringbone will be rather dashing in the yellow, and onion skins are a pretty safe bet for dyeing to a reliable colour. the silk is going to be eco-printed with various things i find out in the woods and in the compost heap, and will probably be dyed with onion skins or possibly carrot tops as the main wash. then i'm going to turn the huge piece into a dress, and the scraps will find their ways into other projects. it's all one big experiment since i'm still very much a beginner when it comes to natural dyeing, but i'm excited either way. i've pre-mordanted both silk and yarn with alum just to make sure whatever gets used does set. rusty nails could find their way into the dye pots though…

much of my suitcase is being taken up by gifts on my way there. these undies are belated birthday gifts for my cousins. i particularly like the burnt orange ones! might need to make myself a pair at some point... i'll also be collecting sounds and vibrations to build a soundscape for my next performance, which is turning more into an installation piece in my brain right now. the fashion show is blending in a bit as well, so the concept may have a variety of incarnations over the next year or two. i'll keep you updated as i make things and organize events, of course.

and finally, my knitting for the ten days i'll be away. shannon has launched the summer sweater kal (#sskal, for those of you participating), and i've had this sweater in the queue for months and months. i'm changing it a fair bit though, to make a design that fits into one of the fashion show looks. abigail is more a template for me now. there will be a lot of lace, and normal stockinette rather than reverse. and i don't know what i'm going to do about the collar yet. i like the overall shape though. obviously i won't be releasing a pattern for this particular piece, because a) i'm using abigail as the main guidelines and don't anticipate making major mods to the actual math of any of it and b) grading large garments is still something i'm not super comfortable with. i'll keep notes of my modifications though, and mention them in my ravelry notes. the sskal runs until september 24, so that's plenty of time to get stuff done, i hope! and i really wanted a project that would last the whole trip and not require taking a bunch of different needles that could get lost. plus, this shouldn't require too much swatching and testing, so i'm safe to actually take the project and trust it to work out how i want. and the nbk is for a second sample (that will be for me!) of another shawl i've designed. i've already started it and will probably have it  nearly finished by the time my flight lands tomorrow evening. we'll see how much i get done while i'm away!

i'll be taking photos and updating you all, don't worry. we have internet access. i think…in case we don't, please be patient with me in terms of pattern support and/or purchase issues. i've been pretty quick with responses so far, but escaping to the woods is escaping to the woods. and once i'm back, i'll be releasing a new shawl pattern! i did the photo shoot earlier today and i am very very VERY excited about this one.

bonus: check out the results of my natural solar dyeing adventures so far! the first pic is of avocado and yellow onion skins on wool and cotton jersey. the second pic is of various flowers, leaves, and compost remnants eco-printed on cotton jersey in an avocado/alum bath. whee!

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