Sunday, 13 July 2014

a smattering of things to knit

i'm still adjusting right now to working full work weeks outside of my house and not in pjs/lounge clothes. it's wonderful and i love it, because i love where i work and what i do there, but it's definitely a switch for my body to be waking at 6:30 and on the bus before 8, then coming home around 6 again. and obviously, i don't get as much knitting done during the weekdays.

guess what came in thursday? yup, the tanis fiber arts' ooak etsy sale stuff. i realize i kind of have a similar colour palette going on with this order, minus the olive aurora which i got for someone else. it's fine. maybe after the fashion show, i'll design a collection inspired by dried flowers with what's left. that's what a lot of these remind me of, and i like it.

i know i'd said that i would use this dandelion with another tfa purple label for voetpad, but i just can't get over how beautifully these two compliment each other. they bring out the brilliance and subtleties in each skein without muddying or overshadowing either one. i have no idea what they'll be, beyond probably a shawl (both single ply, pretty luxurious, need some gentle care and a large enough project to showcase each yarn) and probably some good-sized stripes. maybe my own design, maybe someone else's. who knows at this point. but i do want them together.

retrospect on red label. it's my favourite in terms of the skeins just on their own. i don't have a plan for it yet though. it's just the prettiest muted rainbow.
i now have two huge tupperware tubs for my stash. i've split them into just normal stash and stash that has specifically been earmarked for the fashion show, which is further split (via ziploc bags) into specific looks/projects.

i've decided to pass on finishing off my winterberry for now. which means pulling out of pom pom's kal, but i can always join next year when i don't have a fashion show to deal with. i also signed on to test knit for holli yeoh on one of her tempest collection designs for sweetgeorgia. which will take longer than finishing the shawl, but shhhhhh. i'm using this leftover tanis fiber arts green label in mallard (remember this pullover?) with cascade 220 heathers in a dark grey. and i need to finish off the baby sweater and a hat design i started recently. the design is done, but i need to finish the sample before i send it off to test knitters. i would love to have these three things done before i head out east for my residency next month, and maybe accompanying handshoes for the hat. but we'll see how it goes. i did finally get the larger shawl for wolseley wool done and it's now blocking. i'll release the pattern sometime next month. the exact details for that will depend on the contest outcome, but it will definitely be made available regardless of who wins. exciting times!

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