Saturday, 19 July 2014

merry fringemas and a happy knit year

i dropped off my shawls and pattern at wolseley wool! the contest winner will be announced in a couple of weeks, and i can't wait to see what design will be featured for the kal leading up to fibre fest! i'll be making the pattern available after the announcement, so you have to be just a wee more patient...

i picked up the fall knitscene while i was at the shop. what convenient timing! i'll be knitting up a pair of the glenveagh mitts, it's just a question of whether it's sooner or later based on how chilly the evenings get. my poor fingers don't fare well in the cold, as the ache tends to set in quickly. cold fingers take priority over deadlines, merely because i won't be able to meet deadlines if my hands ache too much to knit at a decent pace.

this lovely stack is comprised of the prototype for my wolseley wool shawl, the small and large size samples, and another design i've knit up and will be releasing later this summer. i'm looking for test knitters right now for both that shawl and a hat i'm working on, so if you're interested in testing for me, give me a shout in the comments, via email or facebook. i'll be looking for test knitters quite a bit in the coming months as i work out designs for the fashion show, mostly for accessories, so if you'd like to be kept up to date, let me know about that as well. i'm blessed to have a number of friends who are able to test knit for me, but the number of upcoming projects will be too much for the handful of them, i suspect.

oh instagram. this was a pre-coffee-waiting-for-the-bus pic that also happens to give a sneak peek of my hat design.
it's fringe time here in winnipeg, which means half the staff at the theatre school are running on negative amounts of sleep, and all of us are trying to sort out work schedules to hit up at least some of our friends' shows and maybe one or two shows that look amazing but where we don't know anyone involved (gasp! shock! they must be international touring artists…). luckily, all those shows and pre- and post-show drinks count as social time, so we only have to feel guilty about ignoring our non-theatre/dance friends for the next couple of weeks. if you're interested in catching up with me/getting inside my weird brain a little more, you may run into me at any of the following shows (i've already seen some of them, but you can still hunt me down at others, and you should still definitely check these out):

or you can just keep an eye out in the exchange district in the evenings and saturdays. i'll be around for a decent amount of it. i'll be the one knitting in the queue. (with my advance tickets! because i prefer removing a significant layer of anxiety for myself in terms of getting tickets for shows that start buzzing over having a full "normal" fringe experience. i still have to deal with queuing for a good seat, so i'm counting that as being close enough to proper fringing.)

i have other exciting news to share, but that will come later. perhaps tomorrow, perhaps later in the week. stay tuned!

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