Tuesday, 1 July 2014

happy canada day!

happy canada day!

the past few days have not been the most ideal for photography, because we've been having random rain deluges for several days. ridiculous and sometimes delightful, but the potted plants have been brought indoors so they don't lose all their petals in the wind. camp started yesterday, but with the holiday today, we get a day off before getting back at it tomorrow. there are celebrations going on all over the city, but between the weather and my dislike/anxiety with large groups of people, i've opted for spending the day at home with knitting. assuming the sky clears up a bit this evening, i should be able to see fireworks through the upstairs window, which works for me. and this morning, i took part in my first etsy flash sale. tanis listed a whole bunch of ooak colours on different bases, and i managed to scoop up 7 skeins. i made a list last night and was ready right when the listings went live, and still lost 3 choices to cart jacking. a bit sad, but all part of the experience. there were only two lace options left less than an hour later! i know for upcoming ones to keep with my method of a long list of single skeins, ready to go, and not completely married to any specific one in order to avoid true disappointment.

overdyes of the same base on tanis's red label. i grabbed a skein of the colour on the right.

i'm not a fan of the whole ├╝ber-national side of canada day, or any national holiday really. canada has a pretty messed up history of genocide, racism, questionable environmental decisions, and, among other things, a terrible voting system that calls a 39% vote (of those who did bother to vote) a "majority." which has left us with a current governing party who cut programs for basically every disenfranchised group as well as environmental rights with zero regard for what citizens actually want or need. 

my bedtime reading for the past couple of nights.

that being said, canada is a beautiful country with incredible creatures living in it, and having spent a fair amount of time living outside of it, i never want to move again. travel, yes, and short residencies elsewhere (hello, iceland), absolutely. but to live and have citizenship and maybe someday raise little spawn, i wouldn't want to do it anywhere else. i like the amount of open space, i like the ability to escape to the woods/water/tundra regardless of where you are, and i love the diversity. so i will continue to celebrate canada day. not the canada that harper's government has in mind, nor the one which has allowed atrocities time and again against its own peoples and lands, but the one of the artists, the queers, the immigrants new and old, the first nations, the awkward anxious creatures, the workers' unions, the scientists, the hippies and punks, and everyone else who provide this country with a strong beating heart. minus harper and his cronies. if any other country would like some manipulative, self-serving politicians, feel free to take them. i'll even throw in a bottle of maple syrup. we make great maple syrup.

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