Sunday, 27 July 2014

falling into place

i'm experiencing a wide range of emotions these days, but a lot of them have been really positive because things in my life are shifting into place. my best friend of ten years and i have made the decision to move in together. it's such a natural move, really, that there was no hesitation in the decision. we live well together, and on my end at least i live healthier with her around. it's also easing a lot of my anxieties about living alone, and i don't have any of the anxieties/concerns i normally have when moving in with roommates (i've done that for six years and most of those have ended on a scale of not so great to total shit). i'm excited for us to move into our new place (we signed the lease already!) and make it into a cozy home. it will likely be filled with the smell of delicious food and beautiful things all the time, and our yoga mats will probably be out for a good chunk of it too. so happy right now. i want to get on making quilts though, so we have a cozy quilt for when we move in. september nights are meant for cuddling under quilts with warm drinks, i think. on the porch or the couch doesn't matter.

an image from VERIKA, my favourite fringe show this year.
work is still exhausting (physically and emotionally), but it's always so rewarding by the end of the week when the kids share their work with their family and friends. and fringe, while making my days significantly longer, has also gone well, with the exception of a couple of duds. i get an okay amount of knitting done between shows, and running into friends/having food or drink dates in between rushing off to venues has proven more lovely than tiring. it's also really exciting to see so many of my friends, many of whom are new-ish to me, doing their art. i have such talented lovelies in my life. last saturday was a day completely filled with wonderful shows, random run-ins with multiple friends, attractive people all over the streets, and ended with a lovely level of just-drunk-enough to be happy and comfortable and appreciating everything around me right before an absolutely gorgeous dance show. i cried a lot, in a beautiful way. the way that you hope art would make you cry. it was the perfect end to a wonderful day that reaffirmed (again) why i do what i do, and why so many of my friends do what they do as well. 

one time my dear one and i went on a yarn road trip around nova scotia. we came home with so much fibre...
another exciting thing is that i'm getting fresh ink soon! i go home for my residency in less than two weeks (so soon! i have so much prep to be doing! what knitting project(s) should i bring for the ten days?), and while i'm there, a dear one and i are getting matching tattoos. which normally i'd be completely against, because i think matching tattoos are often a questionable idea (although there are many sweet ones out there), but we are a pair where it works. i'm planning mine for my forearm and will eventually build it into a forearm sleeve, but for now, i think it will be sweet enough on its own. with its twin on my dear one's skin, of course. i'll keep it a secret until it's done, but maybe i will have photos for you next month of some new ink. that would make me very happy.

and to round off the lovely things happening in my life right now, tanis featured oh my glob in her kal round-up post! thanks! and i have other VERY exciting knitting news for you, but it's a secret for another few days. i made some funny noises at work when i found out the news though, so you know it's gonna be good...

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