Sunday, 6 July 2014

a peek at the stash and a plan

mum went out east recently to visit family (i'm jealous, but i'll be there next month, so i can deal). lucky li'l me, she brought back 90% of my stash that's been stored out there! as well as some other crafting supplies and sewing stuff. i'm quite pleased.

in my defence, a lot of this yarn - well, about a third of it - was gifted to me by friends (whom i love to bits) who were moving or decluttering or whatever and who weren't yarn snobs like me. by which i mean, there're some massive balls of acrylic stored in there. i am a massive fibre snob, in case you haven't already picked up on that fact, so i wouldn't use acrylic even in a costume sense. but i've been toying with the idea of/been asked to be a few people to teach them to knit, so i could wind little mini cakes and use it as training stuff. if people were going to bring their own materials, i would definitely tell them to just grab any well-plied superwash 100% wool in a bright, clear colour. but for people who maybe aren't ready to commit and just want to give it a try, it's a way for me to clear the acrylic out of my stash. that or maybe i'll donate it. a lot of people don't mind acrylic, and at the rate i'm going, i could probably use the extra space. speaking of which…

goat sock, silk cloud, and merino singles.

ok, i honestly didn't go to wolseley wool with the intention of buying anything, especially after placing my order with tanis earlier in the week. but they'd just brought in northbound knitting, and shibui silk cloud, and their own hand dyed, so…i bought some of each. i know, i'm ridiculous. but three of the skeins are for the fashion show. the green and rust one is for me though. i don't know what i'm going to make with it, but the colour was just too perfect to leave behind. i'm actually really excited about the shibui and other northbound skein. i have a fun little plan for them…after i get these shawls off my needles. i still have to finish off my winterberry shawl before the end of the month too, although i'm not so sure i'll get to that. i'm craving projects that are smaller than shawls, considering that most of what i've been knitting for the past several weeks has been them. finishing off a project isn't necessarily a bad idea, of course. i also need to finish the baby sweater for my cousin very soon. so perhaps shawls, clear a couple of projects out of the semi-active wip pile, and then get on to more of the fashion show designs. i have dyeing adventures to take care of too, and a wedding quilt to sew. and i head out east in about a month! this summer feels like it's going to fly by already.

but really, how gorgeous is that green and rust?

on the note of making all of the things, i have a semi-formed plan. for those of you in the social media (especially instagram) loop, you already know about these longer term photography projects that trend, like #100happydays (sort of a kick depression thing, although people who do seem just genuinely happy all the time also obviously do it) or #yearofmaking. the thing is, i really like and am attracted to aspects of both of these hashtags/concepts. but sometimes, i like to be sad. it's great for my creativity. and i don't think that depression necessarily needs to be avoided or suppressed. in fact, i'd argue that trying to suppress it can be more unhealthy than riding it sometimes. and a year is a long time to commit to making and showcasing something new daily, especially when i've committed myself to a pretty huge knitwear project that involves keeping a lot of things under wraps, including wips, which essentially nullifies any process pics. 

wolseley wool shawl wip, sample, and prototype. i haven't decided whether i want to reblock the samples or not...

so i've come up with the idea of #summerofmaking. making things is what makes me happy, and has always been my most effective method for helping maintain positive mental health. so the two projects go hand-in-hand for me anyway. i'll start with the summer and see how it goes, and maybe extend it. but i think that maybe this is manageable, and will work for me. one thing is that i'm not going to stress myself out with daily pics. because what's the point of things like #100happydays or #yearofmaking if it makes you stressed out and miserable? you can follow the experiment on instagram, and feel free to join in yourself!

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