Thursday, 5 June 2014

summertime, and the living is easy...

…well, minus all the deadlines. i can do it though. of course, i also just volunteered myself to test knit for another designer and now need to finish that in the next month too. so that makes three kals, two more sample shawls, and now another project to add into the month. it's ok. i don't start my 9-to-5 until the end of the month. i'll be back at the theatre school for the summer, which is delightful. spend my day with kids and then get evenings and weekends to play/knit/make stuff/go to folk fest? yes, i can do that.

speaking of making stuff, i sent off the surprise knit and undie orders earlier this week. i kind of love going to the post office to send off snail mail. i love sending it as much as i love receiving it. i am often an over-gifter. it's fine though, because i never expect things in return. i just like looking at people's faces when they get the thing, or hearing from them afterwards. it's pretty delightful.

teaser of my wolseley wool design. 

there are so many surprise knits i have going on! the one gift will be revealed probably in a couple of weeks, depending on how long it takes canada post to do its thing. i also finished the first prototype for my wolseley wool shawl design contest, but it didn't turn out exactly as i wanted. which means i now need to knit another small version as well as the large with the adjustments i made and hope they work. i sent it off to my test knitters already though, and i'm pretty sure it'll be ok. we'll see. i also came up with a design concept for a 3-pattern set that i hope to release sometime this fall. i ordered the yarn from tanis fiber arts already, although i doubt i'll get around to it until july at the earliest. i'll release teasers, no doubt, but those will also stay basically under wraps until they're ready to go live.

mangos were on sale! which meant another batch of mango chutney. we go through the jars pretty quickly. the mangos really reduced this time, so i ended up with one big jar and one half-jar that will go straight into the fridge. i also had a 5-lb. bag of apples that were too bruised to crunch on. i am extremely picky about my apples. and since we don't have the annapolis valley farmers here in winnipeg with samples to test throughout the growing season for ideal crunch appeal, i'm kind of stuck just guessing with the imported-from-all-over apples at the grocery store. usually i just get ones from british columbia (east coast apples rarely make it out here). anyway, my 5-lb. bag got turned into apple butter. with a lot of cinnamon. obviously. i think it'll be delicious on banana nut muffins. and i made some more coconut bars. and since i was in the kitchen anyway, i took the opportunity to pre-mordant scraps of cotton jersey and some more swatches to prep for solar dyeing adventures. i'm going to first play with more avocados (i have an ice cream pail's worth of skins and pits) and birch bark from our woodpile. i don't want to use good canning jars though, so i need to hunt down some really large glass jars that are either on their last legs (not that glass jars ever really have last legs) or that have those weird lid grains you can't reseal with a proper top. or large plastic jars would technically work as well. if you have any kicking around and are in winnipeg or the general vicinity, feel free to get in touch with me. i will happily take them off your hands.

here's a photo of my lumpy space! it's growing pretty quickly so far. i'll get more done on it today. i'm trying to keep myself to completing at least one shawl per week. the deadlines are staggered enough to sort of fit that timeline. i don't know that i'll get to my voetpad before tanis's shawl kal closes, but i'll keep my toes crossed (as my fingers are busy with knitting).

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