Wednesday, 11 June 2014

messy chaotic bliss

so, the last week or so has been a strange mix of extremely busy and also relatively relaxing for me. i've been filling out more job applications (they never stop), working at the theatre school, attending workshops at the theatre school, generally hanging out at the theatre school (i'm a bit of a creep like that), doing bits of research into all sorts of things, having adventures with people, planning new projects in various areas of the arts, knitting like crazy, and finishing off some contract work. oh, and binging on orange is the new black. twice. that's kind of a given, though. (poussey, stop breaking my heart! ok, that's all i'll say on the matter. no spoilers.) more iphone quality photos for y'all today! i'll get back to pretty photos once i have fo's that i can actually show you.

my lumpy space has been on the backburner over the last few days. i got tired of the long rows and started another sample shawl. 
my research these days. it's a blend of crafting and theatre and business (of course).
yarn for the next sample shawls for wolseley wool
fabric for my friends' wedding quilt. i'm really excited about this!

sometimes i wish there were more hours in the day, but i think overall i'm handling my shit pretty well. sometimes i feel like all this (primarily unpaid) art work and the online/on paper cataloguing of it all isn't quite as legit as the paid work that i do. but mostly i'm happy about it. and recognize my privilege in being able to actually focus on it while i sort my life out. i know that starting businesses takes work and time and requires building up a whole lot of everything, and taking the time to actually make art now unpaid/not connected to anything specific outside of myself is important as a building block. and the admin/documentation side of things is important too. talk to me next week after i've rebuilt two websites and i may have another opinion, of course.

speaking of making art, i still have that indiegogo campaign going to help get me to white rabbit this august! go check it out. i can't believe it's only two months away already. soooooo excited!

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