Saturday, 28 June 2014

happy little worker bee

i am the happiest little worker bee these days!

worse than usual iphone quality, but those ears are just magical! and i built them all by myself!
i'm back full-time at the theatre school over the summer. this past week was just prep for the summer camps, so i split my time between training, admin work, cleaning the building (i did very little of that, to be fair to my colleagues), and building costumes for a show. the summer studio, one of our teen classes, have been hard at work on in wonderland, which will be performed during the winnipeg fringe. and you can see some great costumes on top of their great acting! i loved making these ears. i also just adore the fact that i work at a place where i get to make costumes and then wander around the building wearing rabbit ears. because that definitely happened.

i work at the best place on earth. and there are still spots available for camps! check out our website and call the theatre school office or pop in to sign up for week-long periods of adventure and mayhem. just imagine, your young spawn could end up like me someday…actually, maybe don't imagine that. just sign them up so they can have some fun this summer. and then bring them back for our professional production season and school-year theatre classes.

i also just got this stitch dictionary in the mail. the knitting world has been raving about it, and for good reason. stitch dictionaries are like bibles for us designers (and anyone who has ever thought about maybe making something up or tweaking a pattern), and they never really go out of style. you can use the same dictionary 30 or 80 years down the road and it's not a problem (actual patterns obviously shift as fashion styles change). most stitch dictionaries only give you a single break-down of the construction though, back and forth and bottom-up. this baby gives you bottom-up, top-down, back and forth, AND in the round! thank you, wendy bernard, for doing all the math for the rest of us.

my favourite section.
the instructions are clear (charted AND written out), the photos are lovely, and the binding is corded, which means you can leave the book as flat as you bloody well please. i've already put sticky notes all over the pages for the fashion show's designs. i've decided that i'll release patterns as they're ready for the fashion show, because it doesn't really hurt for the pattern pieces to be out in the real world beforehand. my bigger pieces that i'm not writing up/are a little more special will stay under wraps until the show though. i can't tell you ALL of my secrets. just some of them.

bonus pic: i ordered this puppy to get free shipping (yes, i went the online route rather than mortar and brick, but at least i didn't use amazon). i've only skimmed it so far, but it's absolutely amazing. it takes you from identifying fibres through to selling your handspun yarn (which maybe even has beads and shells plied into it!) commercially. how cool is that? i would like to try my hand at spinning some yarn on my wheel to include in the fashion show, but we'll see how that goes. i have some really lovely rock beads that would look amazing spun into yarn and then featured in an accent piece...

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