Sunday, 1 June 2014

glitter, or why i'm a terrible queer but a happy person

the past few days have been an absolute delight. the nice weather has finally caught up with us, and my outdoor "office" has been my home for the vast majority of the time i've been at the house. which, granted, has not been so much this weekend, but the days leading up to it were mostly spent camped out on my little two-seater with knitting and house of cards (oh my goodness, it's so good, i binged so much, and if you know/love the scottish play, it's even better). so this post is less about knitting, although there is some of that, and more about what i've been up to. with some awful iphone quality photos. sorry, i've been too busy to take nice ones. 

i went to a local theatre company's end-of-season party on friday night. a couple of friends are associated with the company (one trunk theatre - i haven't actually seen any of their work yet, but i will eventually), and the evening promised dancing and painting. duh, obviously i'm going. it was a pretty fun night, and i discovered the most orgasmic snack (dark chocolate covered almonds with a layer of coconut between the almond and chocolate…), and i painted with my fingers and then with a brush, and i dove for this handsome dinosaur when the piñata finally exploded. it took a while. it was an impressive piñata. there were little bottles of booze on the floor too, but my priority was obviously the dino.

a quick sort-of selfie from this morning. still-wet hair, pencil skirt, corset top from velvet plume, and ecoprinted scarf.
and then yesterday, i walked a lot, which my feet didn't like because i was wearing grumpy shoes, but i ran into a lot of delightful people. and i got this shirt from velvet plume's open studio, and chatted with kristie, who is always a delight, and was yet again reminded by myself that i'm an even bigger hippie than i let on to most people. and then i went back to my theatre school, which i had left earlier in the day, and found my inner clown. which is amazing, because i've been trying to find it for many years. it's generally anxious and sometimes annoyed at happy clowns, which makes sense. it was a lot of fun. and i met an adorable puppy with an equally adorable owner (i never did get his name, but the dog was pretty great), and then i soaked my feet at home to apologize for the grumpy shoes. earlier in the week, my eco-printed scarf from caitlin ffrench's kickstarter campaign arrived, and i've been wearing it religiously ever since. it's too hot for wool right now, but i still like to have something around my neck. so this works. 

me and onions the rabbit puppet at work this morning. onions was later gnawed on by a very determined baby.
speaking of wool, i've done a lot of knitting in the last week, but it's all a surprise. my small shawl sample will be revealed once i hand it in to wolseley wool next month, and a surprise gift for my friend out east will be revealed once she gets it. it's adorable though. i put a sneak peek on instagram, if you really can't wait. oh yeah, i'm using instagram again. it's mostly a mix of knitting, my dog, and my face making various expressions. and i got my hair buzzed this week! finally. and the girl at aveda hair school was adorable and snorted. now my hair smells like essential oils rather than just campfire. i smell like a weird pina colada these days. my usual patchouli and natural deodorant and lush products mixed with sunscreen. i've had people say it's a good scent, but if you're sensitive to scents, maybe don't come near me. i always smell like essential oils of some sort.

my terribly handsome old friend and the tiny buddha we consumed shortly afterwards.
now, why i'm a terrible queer. it's been pride all week long, and i haven't gone to a single event. to be fair, i'm not really in the queer community here at this point (although all my theatre friends have been going out, it seems, so i could have just joined them probably). anyway, i finished off my shift at the theatre school and then met up with a friend afterwards to hang out, so i didn't totally miss pride. i saw all the baby queers wandering around after the parade and walked through the tents. and i'm sure i will be finding rogue glitter all over myself and my house for months to come, so it's good. life could always use a little more glitter.

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