Tuesday, 24 June 2014

drool-worthy #11 - knitscene fall 2014

another drool-worthy post so soon? well, the fall collections are starting to appear (it's after the solstice, so that's fair), and i want all of the knits. normally, i don't really go for knitwear magazines because - let's face it - the chance of liking more than one design is pretty slim. but knitscene has hit this fall out of the park!

ok, i would like many of these knits, but these two are my favourites. first up, glenveagh mitts.

i am so in love with herringbone in basically any incarnation it could possibly be found in. i also have freezing cold hands all of the time. and i love thumb gussets. and i love buttons. also, tweed. hello, new love of my life! i also have very little knitting time right now because of this fashion show and all the designs i've got popping out of my brain, and i'm working 9-to-5 again. but these are so cute and tiny and would take not too much time…i can totally fit them in, right?

what i might have a bit harder time fitting into my schedule is the baleshare cardigan.

yes, yes, i know, cardigans are a longer commitment. but it just looks so cozy! and it's a waterfall blanket-style cardigan, so it actually hangs quite long in the back and short (like, just under the bust) in front when you don't have it belted, so the shape is really versatile. and the collar is huge! it would be so perfect for chilly days. also, can we just take a moment to admire this entire outfit? thank you.

my selfish knitting days are over for probably at least 8 months now. and if i somehow manage to find time to knit a cardigan, it should be hana hou. but i would like to find time to knit those gloves at least. a quick little mind break from all the designing. and i should hunt down a copy of the magazine before it goes out of print. i can always use an excuse to visit wolseley wool...

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