Wednesday, 18 June 2014

drool-worthy #10 - brooklyn tweed's kid collection

it's been ages since i last had a drool-worthy post! i guess the list last time got it out of my system for a bit ha. but then brooklyn tweed released a kids' collection. so, time for another drool-worthy!

i'm not going to focus on any single pattern this time around, because i adore most of the patterns in bt kids. they're not all ones that i would knit for my (imaginary) spawn, but i would definitely make 3/4 of them. wyatt is just so wonderful, and with those cords! it's the perfect back-to-school outfit for any kid dealing with chilly september days in canada. you don't necessarily need a coat, but a thick sweater is a good back-up for when the wind picks up.

i love layers. i think that's pretty well established. so this short-sleeved sweater is one of my favourite designs of the whole collection. it's lightweight (fingering), so it wouldn't be too much to wear over something like this dress, or even a long-sleeved t-shirt. the design is delicate and rugged at the same time, which means that those spawn who reject gender conventions and just dress how they feel on any given day could wear this basically all the time. and it could work well as a hand-me-down thanks to that too! who doesn't love a good hand-me-down knit?

sock monkey sweater.
ok, sock monkey anything is usually pretty damn adorable. so a pullover with a gorgeous shawl collar and sock monkey colours? um, yes! also, that kid is too cute.

and it's not just clothing - there are toys and blankets and pillows too! this pillow is just way too adorable. so i'll leave you with it. bird hugs.

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