Tuesday, 17 June 2014

catch up of a sort

i haven't posted for a few days. sorry about that. i don't want you to think i've been ignoring you. to be honest, though, there's not much to post about. well, that's not exactly true. i've been having lots of adventures, and doing a variety of things, they're just not all things that have a place on this blog. it's been lovely, i will say that much.

one thing that i will share with you is this lovely sidewalk chalk love note. i was adventuring yesterday with someone and we stumbled on a series of love notes on the sidewalk (you can see all of them on my instagram). this was the first of them, and is probably my favourite. dr. seuss is always a good choice! we actually saw the chalker in action, but didn't want to interrupt the magic. suffice to say, it was a rather wonderful discovery.

this is all the knitting that i can show you right now. i finished the small sample shawl for the wolseley wool contest, and it's all blocked and ready for the world. but i can't show it to you all until after the contest closes, which is next month. i also started the test knit for another designer, which will stay under wraps until she decides to release the pattern. i had a lot of trouble getting that one started, but it was 100% me and 0% the pattern. the pattern is great so far. as for lumpy space, it's…well, it just is. the final section involves just knitting around and around and around, growing from about 400 stitches to almost 700 stitches over 50 rows. followed by a picot bind-off. ohdessa from wolseley wool gave a great suggestion on instagram about doing wrap-and-turns at the end of rows in order to just knit rather than needing to knit and purl. the only time you need to do it normal is after the yarn-over rows, just because the wrap-and-turn doesn't work exactly after the final stitch. still, i feel like it will be ready maybe in a hundred years. except it actually needs to be done by the end of the month for tanis's kal, and then i can tick off my westknits' summer shawl kal too. then i need to finish off my winterberry shawl and knit up the larger size of my sample shawl. once all of that is done, i can start on another design i came up with recently. i want to do the photoshoot for that design next month, so i'm on a bit of a time crunch. goodness, i'm a bit ridiculous sometimes. it's ok though. i start working full-time (on non-knitting things) next week, so i can arrange my knitting to fit during breaks and bus rides, which will maybe help structure my time a bit better.

meet kelly. she's awesome, and creative, and lovely, and a delight! and she made that dress (told ya she's creative)!
i have an exciting week ahead of me, with theatre for living training tonight for curiouser, my friend kelly's art show on thursday night, and then working on a project with kelly on the weekend. and going to see war horse. finally!!! how did i live in london for over a year and never get out to see it? yeesh. luckily, it's touring right now and i'm going to see it on the weekend with a friend. and there's also a multi-sensory show in the exchange that looks at the politics of making, running until next friday. so much art, so little time…

p.s. i've been rebuilding my website. moved from wix to wordpress as the host, and i'm loving it so much more. finding the right theme and tweaking it to be what i want is taking some time, and i need to fill in a whole lot of stuff, but overall, i'm quite happy with it. it's just so much easier to update info. once i finish my own website, i have to do the same with curiouser's too. that one will take a bit more restructuring, i think. the branding is a bit more specific, to start with. i haven't switched the domain over for curiouser yet, so if you're looking for info, you'll see mostly out-of-date stuff on the old site. i'm hoping to have new stuff ready for y'all soon though. and don't worry, this blog isn't moving anywhere. wordpress will remain my official website with relatively static information and maybe semi-permanent posts about various projects i'm involved with. day-to-day blogging is going to stay here though. i like it, i like the look, i like the ease, and i like the bit of separation from my officially professional self and my sort-of professional/mostly just me self. plus i feel like i can swear more here. which is sometimes just necessary. not always, but definitely sometimes. so there ya go. 

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