Sunday, 22 June 2014

a summer solstice of the loveliest, artiest, weirdest sort

happy belated summer solstice to you all! i hope you spent its magic with lovely creatures. i certainly did.

good ol' instagram.

i was helping out my friend kelly with her fashion shoot. i won't say too much about it, because it's her project to gush about first, but as soon as she releases it, you can bet i will be sticking it all over the interwebs. i had such fun! kelly is an incredible clothing designer, and has a similar artistic sensibility to  myself (re: weird sometimes decaying surreal creations that feel like they shouldn't necessarily fit in this world but are often inspired by exactly that). anyway, i spent the majority of the day being a raccoon and having adventures in kelly's clothing surrounded by the mother of all hidden gems/junkyards. it was very exciting and delightful. 

kelly also did raw: natural born artists showcase earlier in the week, and she's inspired me to try it out myself. the showcases are meant to happen every couple of months, so i'm aiming to take part in one early next year. i need to come up with 15-20 looks for the catwalk, and obviously, i'll be knitting all of them. i've actually managed to come up with concepts for almost all of the looks, and sketched out about half a dozen already. it's going to be weird, and post-apocalyptic, and absolutely delightful. but the actual knits will be ones that you could very easily wear out and about. part of my plan is to come up with patterns for most of the designs i knit, so that you can knit your very own. or commission me to knit them for you, as the case may be. if i have time, i would like to get some versions knit up that don't go out on the catwalk, so that people can see up close and personal the detailing and maybe just buy the finished products right at the event if they really like something. it's a lot of knitting (and designing) to get done in eight months though. so having ones ready to buy will be at the bottom of my list for now. BUT wolseley wool is having a massive sale right now, so what better time to start stocking up on yarn for the looks? that pile is 5 projects' worth of yarn. one full look and the beginning of two other ones. i haven't decided yet what i'm going to do in terms of releasing patterns before the event/showing finished looks online/etc. we'll see how i feel as it goes. 

after i was done being a raccoon, i met up with some lovelies for supper, then went off with another friend to see war horse. yes, i can finally say that i've seen it. my one complaint is that some of the actors didn't enunciate well enough (or perhaps the tech just wasn't as clear as it should have been for the space) to catch a number of lines. and this from someone who lived in the uk for over a year and was exposed to all sorts of dialects and accents. really, southern england dialects should not be hard for me to understand. but it was really beautifully done. the puppetry was absolutely jaw-dropping, which is to be expected. i did a workshop with the company during my master's and just could not get over how much mechanical prowess went into designing the horses' legs! they tweaked and tweaked until the feet fell just right when you shifted the shoulder joint. incredible. the show is about world war one, so it's obviously not the happiest of tales. i had not the happiest of dreams last night. but i was glad to leave the show and arrive to sleepy heads rather than a very social bonfire that had been the original plan. i don't think i would have been the bubbliest of company. and then i woke this morning to a cat curled against the small of my back, so that was pretty adorable. all in all, a wonderful solstice, filled with all the things i enjoy the most - art, good people, animal familiars, knitting, and adventures. 

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