Thursday, 12 June 2014

a couple of things to unveil

well, i'm still chugging away with surprise knitting of various sorts (i'm finishing off one of the wolseley wool sample shawls and will be casting on a test knit this weekend), but i do have a couple of things that i can share with you today.

first up, the surprise knit that made its way out east! it arrived at my friend's shop, bhavana yoga boutique, earlier this week.

if you recognize that woven mat from a bunch of other photos, you realize the scale here. it's a teeny tiny baby hat that's about as big as my fist. my beautiful friend, krista, is about to bring a wee yogini into the world, and what's better for a wee sprout than a wee sprout hat?

pattern: i made it up, referencing a few other newborn hat patterns for measurements
materials: malabrigo arroyo in glitter; leaf appliqué in old maiden aunt merino superwash 4ply in bean nighe; wooden button
features: the ribbing is 2:1, which gives a pretty shape as well as good structure. i stitched the leaf on using a long tail of the yarn after i secured the last stitch.

and here's some yarn that just arrived today from tanis! i have a plan for a 3-pattern set that i'm aiming to release sometime this fall (fingers crossed). this will be the yarn that i use. i won't say anything else about it other than that you'll probably see teasers on instagram and twitter eventually, but i couldn't help but show you the colours i'll be working with. aren't they stunning? that's charcoal, aurora, and frost in blue label right there.

exposure was a bit of a pain here, but it's also the most accurate representation of aurora's amazing colours.
a new lovely in my life is really into tutus and we started talking about my knitting her a tutu. i think we were originally kind of joking, but it's turned into a bit of a fun design challenge. a longer-term one, because i have a stupid amount of knitting to do in the next little while, but it's definitely going to happen at some point. so, a knitted tutu. knowing me, it'll involve lace and a not-so-basic construction. and sparkles/glitter. but that's just necessary.

i'll leave you all with a quote. i've been doing research lately for a couple of projects (just spent the day reading david diamond's theatre for living: the art and science of community-based dialogue for a curiouser project), but this quote actually comes from the introduction to betsy greer's craftivism. i like it a lot.

[…] the creation of things by hand leads to a better understanding of democracy, because it reminds us that we have power. - betsy greer 

and on that note, you can help me make more things by hand by donating to my indiegogo campaign! i've got about two weeks left to go before the campaign closes, so donate and share as you're able! xo

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