Friday, 2 May 2014

stitches and stripes

mwah ha! ripping back will not deter me. although grey days may impede my photography skills, which are minimal at best. but anyway, back to knits.

i finished mumsy's birthday gift with about a week to go, and i'm sharing it with you all now because the chances of her seeing it online are next to nil. she already saw it while i was burying ends in anyway, but doesn't know it's for her, so shhh... originally, i was very unsure of my colour combination (i was stash busting with this one), but now that it's done, i think it's pretty great. the colours are very much her, as well, li'l maritimer that she is. i actually checked with her at one point to see how she felt about the palette, and she referred to it as "casual elegance." so i feel like that's a good sign.

i would love to knit another one of these shawls for myself eventually. it has endless colour combination options, and it's a super quick knit since it's all garter stitch and short row shaping (minus the six hours lost to a single stitch…). i would probably stick with two yarns though, or maybe one solid and one gradient if i wanted a colour shift in the stripes. i cut the ends after each stripe rather than carrying them up to keep the tension unhindered for blocking, and weaving in all those ends was kind of a pain in the ass.

the blurriness was the norm today. i blame the lack of sun.

the deets:
yarn: the uncommon thread's silky merino fingering in ink blot; malabrigo sock in ochre and indiecita; socktopus sokkusu o in midsomer

and finally, pics of my ease sweater! i finished this in under a week. i did that thing again where i decided i wanted the project done for an arbitrary outing (a short meeting with a friend), and then pushed myself to finish it in time. luckily, it wasn't a horrendous deadline, and this sweater didn't actually need blocking. win-win. 

gah, i love it so much. especially with the modification to add the thumbholes. it's the coziest thing of life. and this is actually the sweater on backwards, which i did by accident the first time. i like the extra neck exposure, plus the collarbones are still visible in front. best.

i used to be notorious for only wearing greys and dusty purples. and my studio blacks. look at me now! (maybe don't check out the rest of my wardrobe, because it's still 80% that…)

the deets:
pattern: ease by alicia plummer, scoop neck option
yarn: tanis fiber arts' green label aran in mallard
modifications: added in thumbholes

a wee little bonus: pompom quarterly has released the preview for their summer 2014 edition. there are some lovely shawls, and some very vintage-y knits (not totally my style, but i can appreciate the construction), but my favourite is definitely the sombra pullover by elanor king. 

subscribe today! the books are lovely, and full of wonderful extras. plus lydia and meghan are great, so you should support them. they're at tnna right now, so if you're lucky enough to be there, drop by and say hi.

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