Friday, 9 May 2014

never a dull moment

well, now that i've finally finished off those other projects and launched the indiegogo campaign, i suppose it's time to start on my vasalong, right?

messing around with the striping a wee bit. the green is more green and less turquoise in real life.
i'm being cheeky and adding this into shannon's annual spring tops, tanks, & tees kal too. the deadline is a bit shorter than dianna's vasalong (by a week), so that should be good for keeping me on target. i haven't even come close to finishing it and so don't know what it will look like when worn, but i'm already planning other designs using the same shape. so many wonderful options...

you can sort of see the lace design, but it will be much nicer once blocked. i can feel it in my bones.

i also cast on the lonely tree shawl. it's growing pretty quickly, although that's not super surprising given that it's a worsted weight yarn. that being said, knitting with brushed mohair is definitely slower than less fuzzy fibres. you have to be really careful not to catch on a piece and risk a tear in the yarn. to be honest, i don't really get the appeal of mohair. i've been pleasantly surprised with how much stitch definition i've been getting for the lace design, but i definitely wouldn't make a point of knitting with it unless it was a commission and the person was dead-set on the yarn. i just remember all the customers at the yarn shop i worked at before who loooooooved the brushed mohair yarns, and now i'm knitting with it and thinking, good god, your patience and eyesight are way better than mine. i love the pattern, by the way. i'd happily cast it on again, with another yarn.

an example of why blocking is vital for lace. also, that purple is doing all sorts of weird things. it's hard to photograph.

aaaaaaand, here are some undie panels. i've been chugging away at them, trying to keep them at a not-quite-so-crazy pace so that i don't hate them by the time i launch the etsy options. i've been staggering them out, although missed a few days and so need to play catch up to stay on target for next week's launch. it's a nice way to break up my longer projects, actually. i have to make more tags from my old template though. tagging them as soon as they're finished is the easiest way for me to keep track of sizes. 

i have actual contract work to do right now as well, so i'd best get back to that. and picked up some shifts at my old theatre school, which is delightful but requires that i schedule my time a bit better. and the wedding social is tonight! never a dull moment, as they say! (i think "they" refers to mum's side of the family in this case, but maybe other folks say it too.)

don't forget about my indiegogo campaign! if you missed my last post, check it out for more details, and otherwise please support in any way that you can. it's an exciting opportunity for theatre and fibre projects for me, and you can get some nice stuff from the crowdfunder perks. 

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