Friday, 23 May 2014

mossy mohair

it's done, it's done, it's done! 

this is my "oh god, we went from freezing to +30 without an adjustment period and now i'm melting" face.

i finally finished the lonely tree shawl for mum's friend. the leaf lace design showed up much more than i was expecting with the mohair, and the finished fabric is kind of springy. like walking on moss. i like it. but please please please, don't make me knit with mohair again! the pattern was quick to knit whenever i had the brain power to focus on it, but any time i was too tired or stressed, i couldn't deal with the combination of lace and fuzzy fibre. if i'd been using a plied superwash merino, for example, this would have flown off the needles. actually, that might not be a bad idea. i'd definitely knit this pattern again. anyway, this one is done, and i think its owner will be pleasantly surprised with her finished shawl.

the deets:
pattern: the lonely tree shawl by silvia bo bilvia
yarn: 60g fleece artist baby kid in unknown colourway, on 4.5mm needles
mods: added extra rows of garter stitch plus a yarn-over row between the first 8 garters  and the picot bind-off. i was concerned that the mohair wouldn't block out as big as a less felts-as-soon-as-it-touches-itself yarn.

and here's a little bonus photo of the progress of my vasa. it's coming along pretty well, and i have a couple of tops and shawls in my queue once it's finished (it's due in less than a week, yikes!). plus market prep, of course. and gifts! i have some knit gifts that will find their way onto here after they've found their way to their recipients. 

since summer has finally shown its face (we basically skipped spring this year), i've moved my "office" into the sunporch. it's much nicer with the fresh air and my bullfrog friend, franklin, serenading me. the projects over in the corner are undie panels for tanis (dyer extraordinaire) and mel (genius behind hana hou and camp aloha friends!). they both got double herringbone by chance, which i thought was pretty funny. it also happens to be my favourite of the lace designs, so y'know. great minds think alike!

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