Wednesday, 7 May 2014

indiegogo campaign for white rabbit residency!

i have some exciting news! i've been accepted to the white rabbit arts open air festival & residency this august in beautiful rural nova scotia. i get to spend a week camping out on a farm along the bay of fundy with a bunch of other artists, collaborating and playing and learning and getting some dedicated time to work on my own projects. 

check out White Rabbit from Anne Macmillan on Vimeo.

i could not be more excited about this incredible opportunity. the main personal project that i'll be working on is recording sounds from the local environment to create a soundscape for the next curiouser theatre show. the show itself is under wraps, but my hope is that the soundscape will be able to play a large role in influencing the collaborative devising process once we get into the studio.

that's awesome, ash! so what's with the indiegogo campaign?

i've been back in canada for just enough (re: not enough) time to interfere with residence requirements for grant applications, and i also don't have enough material outside of work i did during my times as a student to qualify as a professional artist yet (which would make sense, given that the past 6 years of my life have been spent at university learning to make theatre). 

my little video for the campaign.

so, to help cover my costs, i'm running an indiegogo fundraising campaign. check it out! please donate if you can (there are some fun perks!), and spread the word even if you can't. reaching my goal means i'll be able to pay for travel costs and the residency fee, plus it means indiegogo will take a lower percentage of my funds raised. even if i don't reach the goal, i'll use whatever money is raised to go towards the travel and residency costs. every little bit helps! 

fun fact: i filmed the video in my backyard and garden with my iphone, with editing courtesy of imovie. the residency will be a little bit more high-tech, but this was fun to play with in the meantime. it's amazing what you can do with a phone nowadays. remember when they were just for making calls?

here's an example of the love note perk. obviously i didn't come up with this particular little gem, but your love notes will be personalized little poems from my very own brain.

p.s. i've linked to curiouser's twitter and facebook page for now rather than our website. we're currently updating it, so stayed tuned for version 2.0! same goes for my website, in fact. spring cleaning, interwebs-style.

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