Thursday, 22 May 2014

dreams for bums

you can completely customize your undies, starting with the lace design and moving onto colours. there are ten options to choose from, each of which is a different lace design. choose which lace you like best, then use the drop-down options to choose your yarn colour. because the fabrics i use change based on what's available to me, there is no drop-down choice for that bit. however, once you've placed your order, i'll send you a message with what i have in stock so that you can choose from them. they will always be either cotton knits or bamboo knits, so it's really more a matter of colour. easy peasy lemon squeezy!

the sexy and brilliant collage idea came from my darling samson

so far, i've only made them with stretch lace, but i feel like fold-over elastic would work fine as well. if you'd like fold-over rather than lace, hold off on ordering until i make up some pairs. as soon as i've got them figured out, i'll let y'all know and make it an option when you're ordering. but maybe wait until then, if you really don't want the stretch lace (i'm into it, but i'm also pretty damn femme and love lace, so i get that other folks might prefer the plainer option).

the fit runs over 4 sizes (from 35" hip to 42" hip), but if you need another size, just send me a message on etsy and we'll sort something out. i can grade my template up or down to a degree, and i would much rather spend some time fiddling with the design than you not get a pair of awesome undies. all bums deserve fun undies, especially when they're fun and comfortable. (i rarely subscribe to the idea of beauty equaling pain. usually, pain with clothing means it's a poor fit or crappy materials. so screw that.)

at some point, i may add in ready-made undies to the shop, but for now, they're being saved for market season. i'll let you all know when those markets are happening so you can pop by if you're in the vicinity and say hi (and maybe grab a pair of undies).

here are the winning undies from the lace contest! i love the colours and design that cathy chose for them (faun's eye stitch in jewel). cathy, these cuties will be in the mail tomorrow.

i haven't added in an option for non-lace undies yet, but i will eventually. i'm playing with the idea of stamping or screenprinting simple designs on them so they're not so bland (not that bland is a bad thing). after i've experimented a bit, i may add them in. if you would like a pair of non-lace/non-stamped undies, email me at ash.sunflowerknit[at]gmail[dot]com and we can arrange that. i'm not opposed to custom orders for them, i just don't plan on making them a priority otherwise at the moment.

i'm so happy the undies are finally available! i've got a bunch of other projects on my needles, ranging from custom orders to gifts to selfish knits to more market items. there will be photos of everything eventually, rest assured. and my indiegogo campaign is running along too. go check it out and help out if you can. xo

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