Thursday, 29 May 2014

coo-coo for cocoa…kals?

i dunno what i was going for with that title. in my mind, it was terribly clever. in real life, well, you can decide and judge me accordingly. i'll be fine. i still think it's kind of funny. that's probably the lack of tea in my system, of course.

so i seem to have gone from never actually participating in kals (although signing up for them constantly), to booking myself into several at a time, whether by doubling up a project (and usually shortening my knitting time significantly from the original kal's deadline) or doing multiple kals with multiple projects. which seems to be the current state of affairs. one of the kals i'm participating in is stephen west's summer shawl kal. i'm stashbusting for this one (a lot of stephen's patterns are great for that), and am working on the lumpy space shawl. (i'm sure there are a bunch of you who catch the reference!) it's actually the perfect one for this skein of juno fibre arts alice that i've had since paris last year. i loved the colour and name because it reminded me of the dress in alice in wonderland, but it's a single skein that's too precious for something less than stunning and also not superwash, so i didn't want to pair it with an everyday knit (i'm tough on my clothes). it's perfect for this though, and there should be loads leftover. i'm also using the wee bit of malabrigo sock in candombe that i had left from two other projects, the tussah tweed i used for this tank, and my remaining skein of tanis fiber arts' purple label in ballet slipper.

and then tanis announced a shawl kal for the month of june! i'm ridiculous, i know. but a) one can never have too many shawls and b) i can technically use my lumpy space since it's using tfa purple label. if i can fit it in though, this is also a great excuse for me to knit up my voetpad and use that super sexy madtosh dandelion with the same skein of ballet slipper. it will be the softest shawl of life, guaranteed.

annnnd, pom pom quarterly is hosting their summer kal. i'm being a total twat and entering my winterberry shawl that i started before xmas. yup. it's been sitting dormant on my needles for half a year now because i didn't have a long enough cable needle for ages, and then by the time i got one, i had other projects on the go. so i'm mostly doing this to finally finish it off. i just have the border to go, so it should be a not-completely-overwhelming addition to the active wip pile. i would love to cast on another pom pom pattern as well, but i think i'm probably biting off more than i can chew already.

um, i also need to find time somewhere in all that knitting to design a shawl for the manitoba fibre fest  contest that wolseley wool is hosting. and knit a sample for both sizes of my design. the smaller size is coming along pretty well so far. the pattern will be revealed in august (before i leave for my residency). okay, maybe i'm going a teensy bit overboard with the shawls right now, but really, it's fine. i will have a cozy neck all of the time, and maybe there will be a kal featuring one of my designs that you can join yourself. that would be kind of cool, right?


  1. I'm so excited to see your shawl design! - Mona @ Wolseley wool

  2. I'm so excited to see your shawl design!! -mona